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Hello, welcome to my creative vedic research portal, by the way i am not an astrologer, i am merely a vedic researcher or an occult scientist, who is just busy to cracking the codes of planets through astrology, So I think that's enough about me...!!!

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I am a person who has got inbuilt creativity, I am sharing my knowledge in cinematic way as my articles are like live movies...Thats why I have opened my research portal so that i can get in touch with you people to share my knowledge, and looking for someone who can understand my creative talent by my creative articles and can assist me to fulfill my dream which is only "Films". and for that i need true wish from you, So that you can see me shining in the sky like a "Star"

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Basically i am science graduate and finished my graduation from Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalssa College, Jabalpur, and by the grace of my almighty lord i have many talents, as apart from interest in Occult science, I am also an IT Engineer, Writer, social worker, Actor and Director and i want to make my career in films only, I cant think my self without films hence looking for good investors who can invest in my dream project. So if anybody is interested feel free to get in touch.!!