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The Dark World of Vedic Astrology

Astrology is not a science, its merely a language, God has programmed our destiny using language of astrology..So yes...Planets speakes through horoscopes and to understand their language we need to study astrology, As only through astrology we can decode their singnals, but its not so easy and person need guts to decode their language. Hence remember astrology is never wrong, but the astrologers are...!!!

Face Your Past

Your entire life is based on previous past deeds, but you dont know what have you done in your previous birth, and you cant erase your past, So just face your dark past and be ready to fight with the situations..!!!

Do good in Present

Even you cant erase your past but still you can edit your present life, So learn from past mistakes and do something good so that your future could be adjusted from present good deeds.

Fight For The Future

No body can escape from planetary influences, They are always around you and prepairing new situation for you to put you on that, so fight with them and save your future.

Write Your Own Ending

No matter how dark past you had, but if have guts to fight with the destiny and if you want to edit your life, So yes you can write your own ending..

Latest Work

Astrology is the "Language of Planets"

The date, time and place of Birth, The date, time and place of death, The date, time and person to whom you will marry, And the food system(each food has printed a name itself who is going to eat it), Remember these four things you cant change ever, and whatever comes in between is changable. So planets express themselves through astrology... But everybody cant understand the secret codes of astrology..!!!