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HI, My Name Is Sourab Soni

And I am Author of this blog, writing is one of my passion, I write on multiple topics, astrology is just one of them, I don’t belong to any Pandit family hence I am just a learner like others so I don’t call myself an astrologer, through my writing I am just trying to make astrology simple to understand, That’s it. No other intention with it, I write when I get time and don’t when no time, My writings are purely my opinion so don’t think I am a God, I am a Human and can make mistakes, So please keep the same in mind. 

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Few Commonly Asked Questions to me :

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Because I think I am not made for it, I don’t like it, Astrology is just one of my passion, I don’t want to convert it into a profession.

I am not sure about it, May be in future, But right now i have no mood, I have many other works to focus on.

Everybody is in need because each one struggling in some area of life, So it doesn’t make sense for me anymore, Free things are not helpful always, even if its guidance.

It will be my pleasure, Fill the birth details submission form, and please provide some evidence if possible.

No I am not, I am a Sonar (Gold Smith) by Cast, I studied from science and IT.

Question itself a funny, Everyone learning from our rich Indian history (Indian classics written by our great Sages), I am also using same, I am also a learner like you people. 

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My mission is to make astrology Easy to Understand For peoples Those Are without astrological backgrounds.

"right Now I Dont do Consultations So dont Waste your time in sending a request"

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