Affiliate Disclosure :

In the interest of transparency we want to make it 100% clear & Open..

Key Note :

When i was writing on blogger platform, i never added any ads (Because blogger was one of the free platform with very limited functions), but when i shifted to this platform so here nothing is free (However still i dont charge for my writing etc) Running this website require fund every year (Which includes renewal of domain, hosting, plugins, theme etc), So recently we introduced affiliate program so that we can run our website smoothly, we dont charge our readers anything or forcing anyone to buy anything, displaying ads are just like renting a space on my portal if you like them then only purchase them but if you dont like just feel free to ignore.

Few Commonly Asked Questions :

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“Affiliate (Association with the brand)” is not a new word now, everyone is aware about it, Still we are proudly disclosing them, Some sites choose to hide it or make it incredibly difficult to find but we believe in ensuring you understand how we operate.

Right now i am dealing with google only but will promote few separate brands soon. 

We pride ourselves on being as impartial as possible, If we think something really sucks, we’ll tell you.

Off course Not.

The price of anything you buy through affiliate links would be exactly the same as what you would pay without them. This just helps to support us and we need your support to continue this portal active.

No force on  it, The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you, if you like them and purchase them so I get small commission on it, that’s it.

Final Disclaimer :

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