Chatussagara Yoga in Vedic Astrology

These days yogas terms are much highlighted in astrology as few rare nabhasha transit yogas occurring in the sky, many planetary conjunctions forming such yoga, however, the era has changed, a yoga having a wider role and requires equal wider judgment as they act like hidden (*) conditions of insurance policy and giving anything only when stated conditions are fulfilled, or else they just remain an empty promise and giving false hopes, there are so many astrological grantha’s which having many varieties of yoga for humans, few having specific result but few are wider and well-known yogas, but all having own definition and pattern of giving result, So here we are discussing one of well-known yoga “Chatusa Sagara Yoga”, which is quite famous for its outcome but reality seems far away when we apply on practical life, So whatever good or bad, we will discuss on each area in detail in this article, So lets start :

Introduction :

Sir B.V. Raman In his Book “300 Important combinations” (which is about 300 IMP Raja Yogas of astrology), has mentioned “Chatus Sagara Yoga“, Apart from Raman sir, few more south Indian astrologers have covered this yoga in their book (with a definition along with few liners overstated result, nothing else), So I have seen many asking about this yoga and they seem over ambitious with it because they have seen this in their birth chart and having hopes with it, but actually, they are not wrong because no one has shown a practical side of the yoga’s, no one trying to discuss hidden terms and conditions which a yoga requires before giving fruits, anyways I will try to show all negative and positive side of this yoga with all hidden terms and conditions in detail.

Definition of Chatus Sagara :

Chatus is a Sanskrit word that means “Four” and Sagar refers to “Sea” (Ocean) which signifies the endless power of Kendra’s like an unlimited ocean, however, south Indian peoples and all English translators and speakers adding an extra “a” at the end of each yoga name, so this is how Chatus Sagar became Chatussagara.

Few south Indian astrologer writing sagara as fourfold praise which is not a part of definition as its a part of fruits (Outcome).

Overall Chatus Sagar means “Four Oceans” which signifying the endless capebility of Kendra houses, and what you get in the ocean that’s a matter of judgment and depends on involved planets.

So as per its definition, When all the four Kendra houses are occupied by the planets, Chatussagara yoga formed in the horoscope, further it is said that the presence of this yoga blessing the native with a good name, lasting fame, wealth, and good character, and many more, However as per my own observation I have found variations in the said result.

It looks similar to Kamal Nabhsha Yoga but its still not a nabhasha yoga, and the definition and result for both yogas are different.

Kamal yoga is free fro many calculation due to nabhasha benefits, however its not same with chatus sagara, and we need to consider each parameters during its judgement.

However few inaccurate definition are also available in the internet like –

When there are planets placed in the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses from Ascendant or the first house give rise to this Yoga.

Please ignore such definitions as correct one is when all Kendra are occupied by the planets.

Required Conditions :

As we don’t consider Rahu and Ketu along with Outer planets in the calculation, so it’s quite clear that the main seven planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn) should be placed in the angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th), and no Kendra houses should be vacant.

Formation required planets in Kendra only, which means even four planets in Kendra’s are enough to form chatus Sagara yoga (Refer case study -5 in the example section), and it’s not mandatory for all the planets to place in angular houses, even no criteria for malefic or benefics as they both can be there in Kendra, so only four Kendra houses must be filled by planets except Rahu and Ketu (even Rahu and Ketu can be placed in Kendra, but we don’t count them).

Kendra plants units

As it’s very clear that we don’t take Rahu and Ketu in the calculation so if any chart having all planets in 3 Kendra and 4th (it could be anyone house from 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th) Kendra is filled by Rahu or Ketu, so it’s not a chatussagara yoga, applying this yoga on that chart will be an inaccurate approach and won’t give the expected result (Refer case study – 1 of Mahatma gandhi).

Note: For western readers – Vedic astrology has no existence of outer planets like Uranus, Pluto and Neptune hence we don’t consider these planets along with nodes (as nodes are shadow planets) while calculating this yoga so please keep in mind.

Because 4-5 or many planets placement in Kendras houses are not a big deal in modern time but quite a common event in astrology, so such placement can’t be treated as a chatussagara yoga, because to fulfill the complete parameter all the main 7 planets (Malefics and benefics both) required to placed in angular (Kendra) houses is mandatory. 

The next condition is – Such formation should be available in the Lagna chart (D-1 chart), As placement of multiple planets in Kendra houses is quite common in divisional charts comparing to the D-1 chart, hence it must be present in D-1 chart. However, if it’s not present in D-1 but present in any other divisional chart signifies strength to concern divisional chart, but that again requires a proper judgment and co-relation between D-1 and Concern Varga chart.

Judgment of the Strength :

Many have born with this yoga, as possibility is not so rare, So does each one get same result?

Off course No, In this yoga what is happening inside is matters a lot, because i have seen successful and unsuccessful both type of peoples with this yoga, even like other yoga’s fruits has been overly stated as its not same in all case, So lets discuss each point in details :

First judgement parameter is, Which set of signs ruling the Kendra houses?


As we know there are three sets of sign which are Movable, fixed and Dual.

Movable Signs are – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn (This set is considered strongest in all set).

Fixed Signs are – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius (This one is little less strong then movable signs).

Dual Signs are – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces (This set of signs is mixed in nature).

This means if there is a movable sign rising in Lagna then all the Kendra houses will have a movable sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), Same with Fixed and dual sign, So rising sign will tell you which set of signs ruling your Kendra houses.

The next parameter is, which planet is placed in which Kendra because all the planets can do much better in specific Kendra (Basis on directional strength), Like Sun, mars can’t do well in 7th house but can do very well in 10th, same with Saturn in Lagna, however, benefics are good in Kendra’s like Mercury Jupiter good in Lagna (gets direction strength), Venus in 4th house does well but again placement, conjunction, and aspects will give you exact clue.

The next focus is lordships, as except sun and moon remain planets having two houses lordships which means if all Kendra having planets then so many raja yoga may occur (Depends on the number of planets placed in Kendra) form apart from Chatus Sagara yoga, like Kendra Trikona, Mahapurush yoga, if a debilitated planet is there then Neech bhang may also be there, apart from this 6th, 8th, and 12th Lords may also sit in Kendra (Vipreeta raja yoga), and many other such a good or bad yoga’s, etc, so that need to judge very carefully, they may reduce the good impact of any Yogas.

Another point is, which planet is sitting with which planet (i mean conjunction), as if the sun is in Kendra and if planets are conjunct Sun and near (degree wise) then combustion issue will arise so planets will lose their strength, depends on conjunction planetary war may be there, all planets which are in Kendra will influence each other via direct 7th aspect so afflictions issues will be much (Even Saturn’s 10th aspect and Mars’s 4th aspect will also fall in Kendra itself if they are in Kendra), etc. So I hope you will be understanding what I am trying to say, There will be so many dramas inside, but before predicting anything it would require deep understanding and a wider level of judgment.

Timing of Manifestation :

Kendra houses having their own nature as they are capable to give their result even in transit, however when so many planets influencing Kendra houses so off course results will be modified, So following the Maha Dasha sequence is always a better option in such cases (result giving), that’s how we judge others yoga as well.

So operating Maha Dasha planet will give bad or worse depends on nature and strength, Overall in one line, we can say its depends on maha Dasha and Dasha lord will give you clue about coming fruits.


As at least four planets will be placed in Kendra for sure (however it could be much) in chatus sagara yoga, So depends on maha dasha lord life will show you its swing.

Some Myth about This Yoga :

For Chatus sagara it is said that, Its giving higher name and fame, good marital life, good kids, promises financial stability, its removing negative impact of horoscope, and purify a person, So dont you think we are expecting everything just from one yoga???

Yes, Kendra houses are capable as they are Narayana houses, but they also need some criteria to fulfill before giving anything.

But what I have read about it, is just a definition and post so much beneficial results, but no loopholes has been discussed which is required in modern time, So in this point, I am clarifying each myth associated with it so that we can assure about the coming fruits.

Lets discuss one by one –

  • Chatus Sagara yoga protecting native: any house of the birth chart is just a storehouse of karma (Jadd in nature), so the same applies to Kendra houses as well, so protecting or killing is a tendency of the planet not of a house, so lord of the storehouse (A house lord in astrology) will decide how they want to distribute the fruits of that house, so giving protection is not a nature of Kendra house or any house, its a nature of the planet, so not the house but its lord having this capability.
  • Blessing With Kids and Marital Bliss: Kids belong to the fifth house of the horoscope (which is trikona house, not Kendra), however, if it’s on the basis of fifth lord placement in Kendra (If in any chart 5th lord placed in Kendra in case of chatus sagara) then again it’s not a guarantee, same with marital bliss as chatusa sagara don’t promise marital bliss, So whether its kids or marital bliss refer other parameters as well like Venus, Jupiter, involved house and their lords.
  • Promising financial stability: As per lordship many Dhan yoga formation is possible when many planets are placed in Kendra so again this point need judgement and we should not fix this promise with this yoga (refer horoscope example section for more).
  • Higher Name and Fame: If you go definition wise then it is said that it makes famous because Kendra signifies four directions and it is said blessing and fame coming form four direction which is also true (Definition wise) but if you see practically then this is missing in maximum charts as alone Kendra placement is not a guarantee, Other supportive factors needed.

And when such above things are missing what else we can expect through chatussagara yoga, when each point needs judgment???

Any yoga which depends on multifactor judgment mostly disappoints most of the peoples, Alone formation or availability of any yoga in the birth horoscope is not a guarantee of getting all the stated pleasure, anyways let’s move further.

Role Of Rahu and Ketu :

As I said above, in such Yogas before predicting anything, a deeper judgement requires and we know the nature of the nodes (Rahu and Ketu), When they conjunct Shubh Grahas (Auspicious planets) they boosting their power however when they associate with bad one’s they act as mild killer planet and giving extra painful events or experience so even definition calculation does not include it, but we can’t ignore their placement in the chart, They can make or break any horoscope, so they can’t be ignored at any cost, and while strength judgement Nodes should not be ignored.

Horoscope Examples :

So let’s see few horoscopes to understand its actual meaning and it will also help to understand its impact on human life, These examples will remove your doubts regarding its fruits, Refer first chart :

Case Study – 1


This horoscope shown almost everywhere in internet, however no chatus sagara yoga present in this chart as Ketu is out of calculation so 4th house is vacant, however still many using this chart stating that 80% result is available and i wonder how??

This chart belong to our Indian nation father mahatma Gandhi, how we can ignore the hard struggle which he has done in his life?

so this chart is not an example of chatus sagara yoga and we should not apply partial condition even.

Case Study – 2


Now refer to this chart, Well placed Rahu and Ketu (Placement in House and Sign both) whereas Jupiter and Mars are exalted, Venus and Saturn are placed in their own sign promising financial soundness as forming Dhan yoga, however, he was not equal lucky in marriage as he married twice but no happiness from both the wife, he was famous for his writing, he has written many novels, poems, and drama plays, He born in the evening time before sunset, Sun, Moon, and Lagna in odd sign so Maha Bhagya yoga is also present here, So see here many planets supporting horoscope, then result seems good, as he was quite successful in professional life Refer next chart –

Case Study – 3

She is also born on the same day in the night time hence just Lagna has changed, Here again, movable signs are falling in Kendra’s houses, and three Maha purush Raja yogas along with many Dhan yogas, 10th house having the influence of 6 planets (5 aspects and one placement), she was an artist noted for her portraits and still life paintings, financial very sound and very famous in her career, So here again, planets supporting Kendra’s so Chatus sagar has given much.

Case Study – 4

In the above case, all Kendra houses are occupied with planets where many raja yogas are available, 5th lord in Kendra, 9th lord and 1st lord (Kendra trikona raja yoga), Chart belongs to a minister (Active in politics), who has earned a great reputation for him in his lifetime, So here also Chatusa Sagara yoga is active and working well, Now refer horoscopes of few average and flop peoples with chatus Sagara –

Case Study – 5

In the above case, 4 planets (Mars, Jupiter, Sun, and Venus placed in Kendra houses, so no Kendra house is vacant, forming) forming chatus sagara yoga, fixed signs rising in the Kendra’s (A sign exchange happening here among Venus, Mars and Saturn as sitting on each other signs, mars venus also ruling two bad houses 6th and 12th), So a middle-class man who born as middle class and died as middle class, Nothing big here like case study 1, 2, 3, 4.

Case Study – 6

Chatus sagara yoga

Refer above horoscope of another middle-class man, Who having chatus sagara yoga as all Kendra houses are occupied by the planets, but lagan having afflictions of Saturn and Rahu, Lagnesh mars is exchanging sign with Saturn, the marital struggle was also there (7th lord with Ketu and having 2 malefic aspects of Mars and Saturn), inheritance section was only a good thing in his life, otherwise nothing big he has achieved in his life, and spent his life as middle class, chatus Sagara couldn’t bless here. Refer another example –

Case Study – 7


Refer above chart, as all the Kendra houses are occupied by the planets so Chatus Sagara yoga is present here, however life is in severe trouble, as a person is under heavy debts, his mother suffering from cancer, and banks are ready to sell out his home due to unpaid loan issue, person is passing through Mercury maha Dasha which is 12th lord and getting aspect of 6th lord Jupiter and 8th lord Saturn, even wife is not supporting and fighting most of the time, no stability in the profession and lost the job long ago as whole day he is spending in hospital for saving her mother, overall facing harsh time in life.

So its quite clear that, alone Kendra placement of planets are not helpful in modern time, further support required for better life.

Fruits of Chatus Sagar Yoga :

I have a few more horoscopes with me as I have collected for my research purposes, but I think the above charts are sufficient for a clearer view, One of the very common point I a telling you on the basis of my experience with Chatus Sagar yoga is, Chatussagara is not about Kendra placement of planets only, but what happens inside of the Kendra’s that matters a lot, as that deciding whether chatus sagar will give you something or you will remain a middle-class man with even chatus Sagara yoga.

This yoga influencing Kendra means The first house (1st means Lagna) signifies you and associated with nature and health as well, 4th house signifies home life, property, etc, 7th deals with marriage, and the 10th with the profession, as chatus Sagara formation depending on these houses means yoga will also contribute to stated areas of life (Means life improvements, you must see in these areas as well).

But each Chatus Sagara yoga having many variations due to the placement of planets, And each one is not getting a similar result, Like malefic planets placed in Lagna house will make Lagna house weaker, and the nature of person may be cruel as well however vice versa in a case in case of a benefic, which means it’s very clear that results said in chatus Sagara yoga can be modified by the planets placed in the Kendra and their auspiciousness and power decide the original fruits, You can be successful as well but could be a flopped also because as I mentioned: “in chatus sagara what’s happening inside kendra’s matters a lot“.

chatus Sagar

Below answering few very commonly asked questions which are related to this yoga and very helpful for judgment, So click on the question to get the answer :

Frequently Asked Questions :

Right now I have only a few questions, however, if you have any other question or doubt about this yoga, just drop me an email or use the comment section, if I found your question related to the article then I will add that into above FAQ section with an answer for sure, but don’t misuse comment section (asking for a reading, etc) as each comment is under moderation and will be published after review.

Conclusion :

Sir B.V. Raman further states that chatus sagar yoga is similar to Kamal yoga but not synonyms with it, However during my research I have found many differences in both.

As, the similarity I have found only involvement of Kendra houses, Rest other things are different for both the yoga, results are different, their blessings and power are different, the formation of Kamal yoga is much tougher than chatus Sagara, and blessings are also higher in Kamal yoga in terms of Chatus Sagar yoga.

Kamal yoga having surety for fruits till a certain level, but it’s not the case in terms of Chatus Sagara yoga, I have not seen flopped peoples in kamal yoga, but there are many flopped peoples existing those having chatus Sagara yoga who did nothing big in life, so Kamal yoga is far better and powerful than chatus sagara yoga.

however another observation is sharing here regarding chatus sagar yoga –

In any horoscope where Lagna lord, Sun and Moon placed in Kendra and having strength and involved in another yogas (Like Mahapurush yoga etc), Chatus Sagar yoga is giving much to them, however when they are sitting out of the Kendra, I have found result chatus Sagar fruits are missing in life, Now refer to example section –

  • Case Study 1 – No chatus Sagar yoga present here as 4th house is vacant, and Sun is out of Kendra axis, struggles in his life are worldly known (Person has still achieved a name for him due to other factors, as he is our Indian nation father Mahatma Gandhi).
  • Case Study 2 – Lagna lord Mars exalted in 10th (Itself a raja yoga), sun and moon also placed in Kendra, he was a notable personality and has achieved a great name and popularity in his life.
  • Case Study 3 – Moon is lagnesh and placed in 10th house (A Kendra house) and the sun is also placed in Kendra, She was a wealthy artist and professionally successful.
  • Case Study 4 – Lagna lord Jupiter, Sun, and Moon all in Kendra houses, He an Indian politician and served an Indian state as CM also a quite wealthy man.
  • Case Study 5 – Sun and Moon are out of the Kendra houses, a person spent his whole life as a middle-class man, nothing low nothing big.
  • Case Study 6 – Sun and moon is out of Kendra again, there are no such fruits like chatus Sagar in life, another chart of a middle-class man.
  • Case Study 7 – In this case life is in an extreme struggle, However moon which is also Lagna lord and placed in Kendra but quite afflicted by Ketu and Saturn (close conjunction in degree), which is making Lagna lord moon quite weak, Result is totally missing here, no benefits of chatus Sagara.

I hope you must have got my point, And if you looking for a valid reason behind it so read below –

Any yoga which is repeating itself from many Lagna surely delivers a result, like if Sun, Moon, and Lagna lord placed in Kendra mean Chatus Sagar will repeat itself from Chandra Lagna, Surya Lagna, Pad Lagna (Arudha), and Paaka Lagna, Means in such cases surety for result increases greatly.

Hence the placement of Lagna lord, sun, and Moon in Kendra’s is quite supportive parameters for Chatus Sagar yoga, Means quite clear that Sun, Moon, and Lagna lord have a vital role in this yoga.

Take another example of Lord Ram, Actual chatus Sagar yoga you can find in the horoscope of Lord Shri Ram, as all four Kendra having one planet in it with 3 maha purush yoga which given him unlimited power and prasiddhi (worldwide Popularity), He is still alive in our heart, however, he was an incarnation (avatar) and this yoga blessed him in many sense but could not remove other struggles of life (challenges were there in the personal life ).

So it can be another observation that in the case of chatus sagar yoga blessings are influencing professional life, and judgement of personal life remain another matter of judgement as issues in personal life has been seen if associated karaka are afflicted or weak in the chart.

So we can say the overall results of chatus sagara yoga depend on the planets placed in Kendras, their lordships, afflictions, their total strength, and auspiciousness.

Alone placements of many planets in Kendra houses is not the guarantee of successful or royal life in modern time, Planets located in quadrants are always a great boon if they form a yoga (an auspicious sambandh), but alone placement in Kendra’s cant be a boon.

In birth charts quadrants act as four pillars that provide a foundation to the chart, hence planets which are placed in Kendra “how and what are they contributing in the horoscope” matters a lot, if they leaving negativity so they destroying Kendra’s, however, if they sit and promising growth and positivity then yes if they support Kendra then its can bless in multiple sense, not necessarily each one becoming ruler or president or tycoon but if Chatussagara Yoga receiving a contribution of other yoga (or can say the contribution of planets) then considerable financial soundness and good name to the person is guaranteed at least.

If we look at formation possibility then Saturn is the slowest planet in transit and taking 30 years for a full round of 12 zodiac signs, Jupiter taking 12 years to finish this cycle, so during this Jupiter must be meeting Saturn at least 6-7 times in a specific set of signs, remain planets moving faster hence formation of Chatus Sagar yoga is possible in each interval of 5-6 years.

Hope I have given proper light on all the angles of Chatus Sagara Yoga, If you are judging merely on the basis of Kendra placements of the planets then this yoga act as “Limited”, however when all other planets supporting horoscope (forming another raja yoga) then it could be a “Limitless”.

So ending this article with a meaningful my own quote –


If you have found this article helpful for you or If you have any feedback for this article then must share this article within your circles and use the feedback form to share feedback, it has been added for experts opinion as I am also a human neither a robot nor any god gifted mind, I can also make mistakes so if you want to discuss on any point, just feel free to use the comment section or send me feedback, if I am wrong I will consider your point and will correct myself, so must share your kind feedback (Does not matter good or bad but expecting an honest experience).

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