Facts Of The Fortune-Part 1

Since I have started learning astrology, I always have a good habit to maintain records in my brain, Whenever I read a book or a magazine and if I found any parameter which appealed to me, I try to remember that parameter as long as I can so that I can apply that on horoscopes to test the result, Since I don’t want to make my career in astrology or even these days not so much active in astrology whether its reading or writing, as my work keeps me much busy so I don’t get time for astrology anymore, I have forgotten many of such formula which I have tasted on many charts and found them working accurately, But as I don’t want to waste my efforts so thinking to share with you peoples as well.

Introduction :

I don’t know whether I should call them unknown or not, because if you are an expert then you must be aware of the same, but as we all know astrology is an endless ocean, whatever we know is always less and there are always much to know, as much you read as much you forget, same happens with me also, I am not calling these are parts of my research, No it’s not.

Few are based on my own experience, Few I have noted from books of modern astrologers (I did it for myself because previously I had no mood for writing or sharing my knowledge and experience through any online platform, I never thought it previously which I am doing at present), few I have noted from magazines, and few I have noted from classical Granth’s.

Overall, I have noted uncountable parameters or astrological formula, however, if anyone I have not found working then I have deleted that, but whatever I am sharing here these are tested by me and I have found them giving great result (Or you can call them working facts), so if you found anyone available in your chart then it will be very helpful for you as these are very –

unknown facts of astro

100 Great Facts of Fortune :

I can’t share all just in one article as it will be very typical for me to remind all the astrological factors, So I am just sharing a few which I have in my mind at present, however, remain will share through another article soon (When will get time to write), I am not sharing any horoscope in this article because I can’t do as parameters are so many, So just read them and use in your chart and trust you will get a sure result.

So let’s start with the numbers – 

1- Any house of Lagna Kundli which receives the influence of 3 malefic’s via placements or aspects (Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu or Ketu known as malefic’s), then Karkatva related to pertaining house greatly suffers and that native faces obstacle related to that house certainly in his or her life.

2- Mars in Navamsa Lagna makes a person’s nature fiery or (Bit chidchida type) in the second session of life or you can call after few years of marriage (fighting tendency or arguments).

3- Navamsa Lagna signifies sanskaar coming forward from previous birth (That’s what the meaning of Navamsa Lagna), planet occupied D-9 Lagna signifies karma and skills which is being carry forwarded by previous birth (Hence benefic’s placement in Navamsa Lagna has been praised by all).

4- Anyone having moon in the ninth house on birth horoscope, then first 2 and a half year of Sade Saati proves bit troublesome for such people (Because originally Saturn will transit from 8th house and 12th house from the moon, from both the angle it’s painful).

5- Debilitated Jupiter aspected by Saturn (Kendra & 2nd, 11th) gives prosperity after bit problems and in later age certainly.

6- Mars in 10th house in own sign aspected by sun signifies higher achievements in profession.


7- Debilitated planets are capable to makes miracles in the 3rd, 6th, and 8th houses (Especially 3rd and 8th).

8- Neecha Bhanga of Venus (in Kendra) is best than Neech Bhanga yoga caused by other planets (in the matter of luxury and other material things).

9- 7th lord connection with Trikona lords (especially with 5th & 9th), a person wish to perform something good for society, craving for knowledge, makes a broad-minded person who wants to learn about all religions.

10- Ketu in the 12th house can’t be considered good for spiritual growth alone (which require for liberation) as its association with the 5th, 9th lord, or Jupiter is required hence without an aspect of the fifth or ninth lord or influence of Jupiter, it cannot be treated as a spiritual combination.


11- 11th lord in 12th house, helps once elders to settle in distance places (Or you can say abroad), also helpful combinations for who wants to do exports business (or love to deal with oversees peoples).

12- D-1 & D-9 Lagna lords placed together in D-1 Lagna is bad for marital life as it does not allow marital growth, so either person would not like to get marry or even if married then marital pleasure will vanish later.

13- When Rahu placed in the 5th house (Especially in mars sign) aspected by mars, then such Rahu is not less than poison, Rahu does not allow people to concentrate on life as its distract mind, Rahu in 5th under the aspect of Sun (native earns a bad name for self by his own mistakes once in life surely). Anyone with Rahu and mars association “I have observed them watching porn videos secretly” (applicable for both genders) however Influence of Rahu and Mars over 5th house promises technical education along with hindrances, Overall this parameter can be treated negatively in multiple sense but positive in few senses only.

14- Benefic (Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus) exalted planet in D-1 Lagna gives magnetic personality and charm to the person, even an exalted malefic in birth Lagna blesses native with its own power but they also afflict Lagna so having bit of side effects also.

15- Exchange with fourth & tenth lord with fifth and ninth lord promises higher official status in career if Dasha of any one of these which falling in midlife (Provided if not debilitated or placed in bad houses). 

16- Sun mercury placed in the 7th house of D-1 is not good for marriage (This combination ruins marriage if no other benefic or saving aspect is present).


17- Sun, Venus and mercury conjunction is questionable combination (In Personal life).

18- In D-1 chart, 10th lord in Lagna and Lagna lord in 10th Or if both conjuncts in Lagna or 10th is good yoga for popularity (Fame), Also Lagna lord & Ninth lord either in Lagna or in 10th house acts in the same way, these are tasted the combination of modern time, one benefic aspect on such yoga increase its power if yoga repeats itself in Navamsa then its surety.

19- Rishis has told multiple Dasha system in the Vedic system (In Parashara & Jaimini both), According to them each horoscope falls under some conditions, so never avoid uses of conditional Dasha, even sometimes we can’t judge major events by main Dasha (Jaimini, Vimshottari, etc) because that is hidden behind conditional Dasha.

20- Chandra Mangal (Mars + Moon) conjunction is known as Dhan yoga however it’s having several side effects too house-wise (could be different also as per Lagna as result depends on lordships).

21- For Aries & Libra ascendants, if the 2nd and 7th lord placed in the 4th house (As for Aries and Libra ascendant its one planet rules both houses), Dasha bhakti of the planet could be very good…!!

22- Period of 6th and 7th lord could be very beneficial (competition-wise & Professionally) if they are associated with 10th lord or placed in 10th house.

23– If the sign of Jupiter (Dhanu or Pisces) falls in the 9th house of D-1, and if same time Jupiter conjunct either Venus or 5th lord, it gives great wealth (Yes you can expect at least billions).

24- In Maha Dasha of Maraka planet, Antar Dasha of benefic planet never act as killer.

25- Any malefic or bad yoga if gets aspect of another malefic so events related to these planets certainly happen in a big way (in Negative sense), But if Same bad yoga gets aspect of benefic (Specially Jupiter) then negativity gets reduced quite a lot (Depends on strength of aspect giver benefic).

26- Venus, Moon, and Mars combination good for wealth but also a combination for adultery in nature (Especially in D-9 when falls in 5th, 11th axis or in 5th & 11th house).

27- Any horoscope where Sun and Saturn Conjunct and one of them is debilitated (Especially if Saturn) then once in a life, a person surely faces a severe obstacle (Major Dispute) which could lead towards public humiliations sometime (See the whole chart) if another malefic’s joins.

28- When Mars and Venus conjunct in any chart (or even placed in 7th axis from each other), placed in 6/8th from Chandra Lagna and also associated in D-9, (Crosscheck via Jaimini angle as if one of them is Gnatikaraka, then keep an eye on your life as (in Concern Dasha or Antra Dasha, also watch the transit of Saturn) once in life Either fatal accident, or humiliation due to females is almost destined.

29- No matter how hard you work in your profession to get higher success or money until your Dasha doesn’t promise any higher success, you can’t get it at any cost (It’s a thumb rule tasted in many charts), when Maha Dasha supports then even an idiot may get power or higher post without any hard labor (Only thing is Just to keep an eye on Karma Karaka Saturn).

30- There are only five peoples achieve something notable in life out of 1000 (As far as my astrology experience) and the rest performing low in career or facing fluctuations in professional life, that’s because if Saturn (Karaka for a career) does not support, achieving heights in career is almost impossible, if even anyone achieves (Through other benefic’s factors), they are facing severe fall later (that’s what power of karaka basically).

31- Debilitated Jupiter in 2nd house under influence of malefic’s giving tendency to backbiting or person having a tendency of finding other faults.

32- Moon in a Sign of Mars, aspected by Saturn in an ideal sannyasa yoga, then must refer D-9 for further notes (Like if same gets repeated in Navamsa).

33- If 10th lord placed in 8th house in debilitated position, and the same time getting expected by any malefic (especially if ruling 6th house) then person attain a controversial position in a career once in a lifetime for sure, if 11th lord contributes (a benefic association holding 11th lordship) person wins even after several controversies and struggle.

34- A weak or combust Venus gives spiritual promise in the charts (which is against nature of venus).

35- Debilitated Venus in conjunction with mars (If anyone of them also rules 6th or 8th house), gives a question mark on the character, it leads more towards criminal tendencies (sexually) if Lagna and Lagna lord is also weak and associated with nodes (Rahu or Ketu).

36- In a female horoscope, Exalted Benefic’s in 4th house of Lagna Kundli is quite good for husband professional career because 7th house denotes spouse (Husband in case of female), and 10th house shows the professional area, so 10th from 7th is 4th house hence presence of exalted benefic’s in 4th house of female Kundli is good for husband (Same parameter we can apply to judge profession of wife).

37- Afflicted or bad 7th houses from D-1 & D-9 tells story of bad marital experiences in life.

38- Mercury Venus conjunction 5th from the moon chart Is a combination for artistic Inclinations.

39 – Mercury Venus conjunction in 5th house in lagan chart Is an indication of female child.

40- Mercury in the 4th house aspecting the 10th house in the birth horoscope or the Navamsa is favorable for doing astrology with brilliance (From KN Rao).

41- Scorpio is the natural eighth house of the zodiac and if Mercury & Venus are in Scorpio Navamsa then the person is of very loose morals (Sir Sanjay Rath).

42- Since 75% of our bodies are made up of fluids and water, the Moon becomes the most important planet for matters of health and longevity. Thus, for good health and longevity, Lord Shiva is worshipped on Mondays with the Mritunjaya mantra (SRath).

43- Saturn Is In the 8th house from the birth Lagna. In the 22nd Dreshkona. a classical combination for death.

44- The presence of the 12th lord Jupiter, In the 8th with the Sun shows temple-building In foreign countries (KN Rao).

45- Debilitated Atma Karaka in Navamsa signifies debility or weakness of the soul.

46- Jupiter placement in 8th under the aspect of Saturn, people born with yogic power but Navamsa support required here (KN Rao).

47- Whenever in any horoscope where all three Trikona lord’s conjunct in Kendra houses and if the same time if they receive the aspect of any benefic (Should not be a lord of 6th, 8th or 12th), Also Trikona lords are well placed in Navamsa then It’s a great Raja yoga for professional as well as personal growth for lifetime (in Lagna and 10th house its combination for the life of a higher rank).

48- Saturn in the 8th house denies waak Siddhi (It’s something related to the power of words) as makes person liar, a person lies surely when they need or sometimes its inhabits.


49- If Atma karaka and Amatya Karaka are placed in 6th, 8th, 12th positions in D1 & D9, so there will be struggles getting positions in career.

50- Wisdom does not work if the person having anger in the brain, if we apply the same in astrology so Jupiter (Wisdom) gets debilitated in the sign where mars (Anger) exalted.

51- Any horoscope where Saturn mars (Combination for Struggle or dispute) conjunctions available or connected via 4-10 Drishti (4th of mars and 10th of Saturn), then must watch the houses involved as its again a combination for a dispute in life, it could be much fatal if closely attached degree wise under the aspect of another malefic or even aspect of 6th or 8th lord falling on them (once in a life major dispute or events happens).

52- Mars and Saturn combination also produces (in Professional life) engineers, doctors, industrialists but for personal life is a dreadful combination.

53- Saturn in 2nd house aspected by mercury from 8th house gives financial prosperity.

54- Moon and Mercury together in 12th house is not good for financial situation.

55- Sixth lord and eighth lord in Lagna (Beware if they are malefic especially Mars and Saturn), when closely conjunct (Degree wise), and if the situation does not improve in Navamsa then please beware as it’s an alarm by the destiny for something bad (Chart by chart events could be different), the involvement of the Jupiter will manage the situation, but Jupiter should not be 6th or 8th lord itself.

56- Whenever in any chart when 6th, 8th, and 12th lords occupy 10th house of career then later or sooner Major bad hurdle related to the profession will occur (it will be a big one or you may call it sudden unexpected fall in career) (Refer Sanjay Dutt chart).


57- In any chart where 4th lord & 6th lord is involved in sign exchange (Parivartan Yoga), Then once in a life Accident or property related disputed occurs in life, as 4th rules property, vehicle etc. and 6th house rules accident and disputes (It could be severe if malefic’s are involved in such combination).

58- Exchange (Parivartan Yoga) between 6th & 7th lord is a very common but famous combination for marital separation, it ends up with dispute if another malefic supports.

59- 11th house is a house of bondage, hence affliction on 11th lord (It’s about 11th lord, not the 11th house) increases spiritual thrust (KN Rao).

60- When 9th house, its lord & Jupiter gets afflicted by malefic’s, person lacking gratitude in nature.

61- A Person has to struggle hard in the first of the career if the tenth house or 10th lord falls under Paap Kartari Yoga.

62- Four malefic presence in 7th house is a well-known combination of widowhood, even 3 malefic’s in 7th may give either no marriage or if getting marriage then separation later (such people are advised to marry later age of 42).

63- In female horoscope, Saturn and Mercury conjunction is not good combination for her husband in sexual sense (KN Rao).

64- In female horoscope, Moon Mercury & Moon Jupiter conjunction is good in Lagna (as blesses her with many qualities).

65- Any female who has only benefic’s in Kendra (Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Venus but not in debilitated sign), and malefic’s in 6, 9, and 12th houses, A Male Sign should fall in 7th house then such female receives almost all kind of happiness in her life (Husband, wealth, family, etc) or else we can call such female a house queen born with all happiness.

66- Any female who has an exalted Mercury in Lagna, and same time if Jupiter falls in the 11th house, (But Jupiter and Mercury should not associate with any malefic’s) such female are noble females in modern time.

67- When Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter respectively occupy 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, and 11th house, call it a noble Raja yoga for a good time which certainly blesses a life (Four planets should occupy said houses only and should be alone).

68- Anyone who having Jupiter and Mercury conjunction in Kendra (Specially 1st and 10th house) and no malefic’s in 10th & 11th, peoples love to follow guidance of such person, his guidance and opinion for anything is highly valuable.

69- Anyone who having Jupiter in 5th, 7th or 9th house of horoscope aspected by Lagna lord, such people received higher respect in their local society.

70- For Cancer ascendant, If Jupiter in Lagna (in Pushya Nakshatra) and Mars in 10th house in Aries, such combination makes a person notable in the society.


71- In Aries ascendant, Jupiter in Lagna, Moon in 4th house, and Venus in 10th house is a combination for great wealth as well as happiness (but should not conjunct malefic as only alone placement get credit here).

72- In Taurus Ascendant, If Moon in Lagna, Sun in 4th house, Jupiter in 7th house and Saturn in 10th house, then again, it’s a chart of a noble and valorous man who could be a great personality of future.

73- If Lord of Moon Sign Occupies Kendra in exaltation sign/ Own Sign and same time Lagna lord is also strong and well placed then it’s a promise of higher class life (Like if moon in Aries then if Aries Lord mars in Kendra in 10 house which is exaltation sign also mars in Lagna lord here) Like if the moon does not fall badly in Navamsa then moon in cancer in Lagna alone makes such yoga (as being Lagna lord and Rashi lord placed well in Kendra), such combination increases personal and professional life both.

74- Exalted Jupiter and exalted Venus in Kendra Trikona itself a combination of great wealth and social respect in modern time however an exalted Jupiter alone in Lagna like a Strong Shield which protects life almost all kind of odds as its also removes several negativities of horoscope.

75- When all planets occupy the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th houses of the chart, rest houses should be vacant but these houses (2,3,6,8,12) should be occupied by all the planets, such person rises in life despite every odds but collapses in old age again.

76- If Maha Dasha, Antra Dasha, and Pratyantar Dasha lords (all three) fall 6th, 8th, and 12th either from Lagna or Chandra Lagna, please refer to the transits as beware its Red signal for a painful situation in life hence carefully watch on going time till Bhukti’s end.


77- Aspect of Benefic’s (should not be a ruler of 8th house and away from malefic association) and 7th lord on 7th house (From Lagna & Chandra Lagna) gives stability and peace in the marriage.

78- For Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, and Virgo ascendant if Mars placed in Lagna then it could be extra dangerous for marital life, however, if any benefic’s conjunct such mars in Lagna or if Jupiter aspect such mars then killing tendency of mars clams down.

79- Mars placement in 1st,2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 12th is considered negative as creating Manglik dosha which is not good for marital harmony as per classical text, But it’s not the actual reason, Mars is highly fatal for marriage in 7th & 8th houses (From Lagna and Chandra Lagna), But if Mars occupies 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 12 house then too Mars aspects 7th or 8th house only via its special aspects hence along with 7th, 8th rest houses (1st, 2nd, 4th, 12th) also considered bad if mars placed here, However, No matter wherever mars placed if any strong benefic influence (especially Jupiter) falling on it then harming nature of mars calms down in a great way and malefic nature of mars gets reduced.

80- When 6th lord aspect 2nd house & its lord and the same time the 2nd house lord placed in the 6th house, such combination makes native living with another family (Not with Own family) or such ppl known as an adopted child (2nd & 6th lord connection is mandatory here).

81- Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu conjunction in 6th house is a signal for long chronic disease for a native kid, As Jupiter being kid’s karaka placed in 6th with Rahu and Saturn are not good.

82- Trikona lord gives strength and increases the significance of occupied house or aspected house.

83- Lagna lord of D-1, sun, and Moon if occupying their own sign or Exaltation sign in D-9, Then promises higher social respect and prestige in society.

84- Two or more planets in Pushkar Navamsa (especially benefic’s) make a person wealthy, rich personality, fortunate who gets maximum comforts in life.

85- If D-1 ascendant lord debilitated in D-9 then spouse of native could be mean-minded (Applicable for both genders), however, if exalted or occupied own sign is a symbol of a noble spouse.

86- If Lagna lord of D-1 becomes debilitated in D-10 and placed in Bad houses (6th, 8th, and 12th) of D-10 chart, then half of the life person waste just to find stability in profession, if right and powerful Dasha does not occurs in mid age then struggle converts into whole life professional struggle.

87- Exchange (Parivartan) between 9th and 11th lord indicate fortune and favors from authority as well as good income if they are strong in the chart.

88- 10th lord never leaves his job to promote career even when placed in bad houses (6th, 8th, and 12th), If supportable factors are available then rise in the respective (promised in the chart) career is still possible (As tenth lord mars in 8th house which are also combusted and debilitated in Navamsa still made Amitabh Bachchan a biggest Super Star).

89- Tenth lord with Sun in 10th or 11th houses promises power and post in involved career; Aspect of Jupiter increases the strength.

90- These days people are very often asking about Magha Nakshatra, However, I would like to tell among all 27 constellations (Nakshatra), no constellation has as power as Pushya Nakshatra, We can call Pushya Nakshatra as a king of all Nakshatra, However both Royal Nakshatra (Magha and Pushya) falls under signs of two royal planets (Sun and Moon) hence get much value.

91– Planets placed in Kendra houses in Varga charts increase the level of activeness of the planets with respect to that Varga (Division).

92- Planet placed in exalted, own or fire sign in D-10 (Especially in 1st, 7th, 10th, and 11th house) signifies tremendous growth, Maha Dasha lord in such position is enough capable to give massive professional success.

93- Almost 90% successful person has received their huge success in Maha Dasha of malefic planets (Mars, Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu) or in Maha Dasha of retrograde benefic’s (Jupiter, Mercury), however being full Kaliyuga planet Venus Maha Dasha is always powerful or may act as a boon in Kaliyuga and enough capable to bless your life if powerfully placed in birth or Varga’s.

94- Whenever moon occupies any house of moksha trikona (4th, 8th, and 12th) (as 9th house signifies long travel and here 4th house is 9th from 8th, and 8th is 9th from 12th, and 12th house is 9th from 4th, so they all are ninth places away from each other), native travels abroad for long period.

95- If 10th lord is bad or afflicted, Weak & same time 9th lord having aspect of malefic’s signifies person having many bad habits which is being carry forwarded from past birth which person will continue in present birth too.

96- If we talk about the curse of destiny or you can call it pre destined fate which person has to face (It can’t be avoid at any cost), So If Either fifth house (As deals with Purva Janam Punya) is severely afflicted (Influence of 3 malefic’s either by aspect or Placement) by malefic’s, Or If fifth lord is retrograde and getting influenced by malefic’s (Don’t include yoga karaka malefic’s here), Or If retrograde planet is placed is fifth associated with malefic’s, or if the fifth lord is debilitated and aspected by malefic, Its pre-destiny which person has to face, Same with Retrograde planet if they are influenced by much malefic’s then they have the capacity to harming on a large level.

97- Pleasure of Kendra houses and fate of the fifth house can’t be changed even by remedies, or you can say these are predestined (fixed) by your past karma.

98- Another pre-destiny is, whatever goes in 8th house of Navamsa, co-relate it with Lagna (D-1) as the curse of that, a person must have to face as predestined, however still there are many combinations which signify pre destined curse, but these facts I am observing and learning since starting of my astrology study.

Hard time

99- There are 1000 yogas are available in classics that are based on good karma, but nothing is more pious than Gajkeshri yoga (Jupiter Moon Yoga) as its alone is a reward of much good karma.

100- Sun signifies Soul, Moon Signifies Mind and Lagna signifies physical body, Body acts as per mind (Mann) so whether the soul will reach its destination or not that depends on the mind (Mann) which is the moon, Hence Sun Kundli tells soul journey, Chandra Kundli tells the journey of Mann (Mind), however, Lagna Kundli tells your physical life journey, Overall moon is the main key between Lagna and Sun, Concept of Sudarshan Chakra is purely based on this concept only, So never ignore Chandra Kundli (Moon Chart) or Moon.


I have also added few questions and answer to this article and sharing my tiny experience for the most commonly asked question, so just click over the question to read its answer –

Few Important FAQ’s :

Conclusion :

I have finished 100, I think for the first part 100 points are sufficient, so read these facts of fortunes and apply them to your birth chart, One more point about this article is, these are merely facts they don’t make or destroy entire life, These facts either create one bad situation for short time or affecting any specific area of your life.

So no need to afraid as they are merely astrological & mathematical facts, Life having much harder unavoidable facts –     

End title

So, If you have found this article helpful for you or If you have any feedback for this article then must use the feedback form given below of each article, it has been added for experts opinion as I am also a human neither a robot nor any god gifted mind, I can also make mistakes so if you want to discuss on any point, just feel free to use the comment section or send me feedback, if I am wrong I will consider your point and will correct myself, so must share your kind feedback (Does not matter good or bad but expecting an honest experience).

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