Kamal Yoga in Vedic Astrology

After a long time reworking on this article because last time I was lacking enough charts to present in the example section but now I have collected enough horoscopes and learned multiple things for which I am quite sure that you all going to like very much, Another thing is that I have seen people copying my articles everywhere (even available in YouTube in the form of video without any intimation), So I thought rework is required now, Nothing is changed but something has been added to make it a bit more informative, anyways let’s start –

Introduction :

Kalyan Verma in Saravali and Maharishi Parashar in BPHS (Ch -35, Nabhasha yoga) has mentioned about 32 varieties of Nabhasha yogas which includes (3 Asharaya Yoga, 2 types of dala yoga, 7 types of Sankhya yogas, and 20 types of Akriti Yoga’s) so :

Total = 32 Nabhasha yoga.

Let’s understand about Nabhasha Term first, Nabh means Aakash (Sky) further entire nabhasha word can be translated “As appearing in the sky” or A Celestial Formation, and all 12 houses, 12 signs along with seven major planets taking part into this celestial formation of nabhasha yoga and making a kind of nabhasha yoga for each one during birth.

Nabhasa yogas has been described in four way’s – 

Akriti Yoga – Akriti means “A Shape” they are based on some Akriti or shape (specific geometrical pattern formed by the planets) in the sky.

Sankhya Yoga – Based on Number of Sign occupied by the seven major planets (excluding nodes).

Ashraya Yogas – Based on the Basic Nature of signs placements of seven major planets (Excluding Nodes).

Dal Yogas – Based on the Nature of house placement of the planets other than the moon & nodes.

Overall, The name of each nabhasha yoga is based on a shape formed by the involved planets (main 7 planets excluding lunar nodes).

Note: Lunar Nodes means Rahu and Ketu which are invisible in the sky so can’t form any shape or pattern hence they are not a part of any nabhasha yoga.

The Main basic qualities of Nabhasa Yogas which I like most, is that they don’t depend on house lordships, and free from many calculations like planetary war, combustion, etc and their results are not the Dasha dependent, so if they present in the chart then on basis of the yoga strength result will surely come.

Out of 32 Nabhasha yoga, Each one born on this earth has at least one Nabhasha yoga in his or her chart for sure, They are just basis on the celestial formation and indicating a specific fruit pattern for human life.

So here in this article, I am discussing about a rare Akriti named as a Kamal yoga, South Indian and English speakers adding A after each yoga’s name, so peoples also writing it as “Kamala Yoga”, however, proper Hindi pronunciations is Kamal yoga.

Definition of Kamal Yoga :

Kamal (Lotus) is a name of a flower that is famous for its beauties, purification, elegance, and for its uniqueness, and yoga means an indicator of a prosperous life. So during birth, when all the planets (excluding Rahu & Ketu) occupied all four Kendra houses (quadrants houses) of the horoscope (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th), so it is said that they form a shape of Kamal (lotus) in the sky and confirms the presence of Kamal yoga in the birth chart.

Chatussagara yoga

This has different names in many Granths like Saravali mentioned as Padma yoga, Yavan jataka calls it a Mangala Yoga, Hora Makarand, (Translated by H.K.Thite CH:15, Page 126) Used a word “Sarasija” for Kamal Yoga, So all the Terms whether Sarasija, Padma yoga, Mangala yoga or Kamal Yoga, are the same in definition as well as in results.

However few more definitions are available on internet like –

When all the planets are Kendra to each other (axis) they form Kamal yoga, Which is not at all true because Kendra house from 6th house would be (9th, 12th, and 3rd house), and from 8th house, Kendra houses would be 11th, 2nd and 5th house, and from12th house Kendra houses would be 3rd, 6th and 9th house, So in this definition all involved one or two bad houses, so how they can make such a beautiful yoga which is possible via positive kendra houses only.

Another definition is, When all benefic’s are in all 4 Kendra houses then only Kamal yoga is formed, Now imagine how this is possible even???

There are only 4 benefics in astrology (Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Venus) and the main problem is Mercury and Venus can’t be two houses away from each other in D-1, So either they could be in conjunction or could be one or two houses away from each other, Means these four benefics can be placed in Kendra but can’t capture all four Kendra houses, as one Kendra will remain empty. This means this definition is not fulfilling the required parameter hence should be ignored.

So the proper and correct definition for Kamal yoga is when all the planets (benefic+malefics both, you can ignore Rahu and Ketu) are placed in all four Kendra houses (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th) then only this beautiful yoga occurs in the birth horoscope.

Note: For western readers – Vedic astrology has no existence of outer planets like Uranus, Pluto and Neptune hence we don’t consider these planets while calculating this yoga so please keep in mind.

Required Condition :

The author has clearly mentioned that placement of all the planets in all four Kendra houses, means no Kendra houses should be vacant, if you have 4-5 planets in Kendra or even if all Kendra houses are occupied by some planets but still few planets are sitting outside of Kendra, then the condition is not fulfilled and we can’t expect the desired results. 

Because 4-5 planets in Kendra houses are not a big deal but quite a common event in astrology, so such placement can’t be treated as a Kamal yoga, because to fulfill the complete parameter all the main 7 planets (Malefics and benefics both) required to placed in angular (Kendra) houses is mandatory.  

The next condition is – Such formation should be available in the Lagna chart (D-1 chart), As results has not seen in divisional chart because the placement of multiple planets in Kendra houses is quite common in divisional charts comparing to the D-1 chart, hence it must be present in D-1 chart. However, if it’s not present in D-1 but present in any other divisional chart signifies strength to concern divisional chart but still, you can’t get its desired said result.

Indian classics have been written by the Indian rishis in divine Sanskrit language (Sanskrit Shloka’s never having any description), however later the same has been translated into many languages by many authors, but we could not found hidden terms and conditions of behind any raja yoga in any ancient textbooks by the translators even and the knowledge which we are getting in modern textbooks available in the market is incomplete (It’s just a copy-pasted sloka with stating ancient time fruit, nothing more).   

We are hearty thankful to our indian rishi’s for their contributions in vedic astrology (and for other shahstra’s even) and now it’s our job to update the astrology paragraphs according to modern time.  

Judgment of the Strength :

One of the biggest question arises here is that, Each one getting same fruits of kamal yoga?

And to get this answer you must understand the meaning of nabhasha yoga, as being of part of Sanchit karma each Nabhasha yoga indicates specific fruits pattern for native (which includes action, emotions, thought process, etc, which helps further in producing kriyamaan karma), but such traits can be changed by the influence of other good or bad yogas involved with nabhasha yoga, hence prompt indication given by any nabhasha yoga can be changed or modify through other available yogas or bad yogas.

Hence final outcome of any nabhasha yoga is always a combined result of all the involved yogas (formed by all involved planets), as it is said that nabhasha giving combined fruits rather than giving direct independent result.

Hence strength judgment of any nabhasha yoga is a crucial point because I have mentioned above as they are sky formation hence does not depends on any lordships, even few more parameters like planetary war, Combustion is not a part of strength calculation, even moon is free from waning and waxing calculation, Sun is not considered as a malefic in nabhsha calculation and said giving result as a part of conjunction (involved planet) but when alone it’s considered as a mild malefic planet.

Hence calculation of strength is a very important section while judging this yoga because if you see, so much drama will happen when all the planets will occupy Kendra as so many raja yogas will occur along with so many bad yoga’s, and we have to keep so many parameters in mind as well.

So First of all which set of the signs falling in Kendra (I mean movable, fixed, or dual) because all the planets having different different elements compatible signs to perform good or bad, So if any movable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) falls in Lagna then all four Kendra’s will be ruled by movable sign (Whereas Aries is debilitated sign for Saturn and cancer is for mars, Libra is for sun and Capricorn for Jupiter, vice versa opposite side there are also exalted signs for these planets), Same will happen for all the sets of the signs like fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)  and for dual signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pieces).

So it’s always first judgment is, which set of signs ruling the Kendra houses?

Kamala yoga

Because a ruling set of signs form another Ashraya nabhasha yoga known as Rajju yoga (When all planets in Movable signs), Musla Yoga (When all planets are in fixed signs), and Nala yoga (when all planets are in dual signs), So apart from kamal yoga impact of one of this three Ashraya yoga (depends which set of signs falling in Kendra) result will also come.

The next parameter is, which planet is placed in which Kendra because all the planets can do much better in specific Kendra (Basis on directional strength), Like Sun, mars can’t do well in 7th house but can do very well in 10th, same with Saturn in Lagna, however, benefics are good in Kendra’s like Mercury Jupiter good in Lagna (gets direction strength), Venus in 4th house does well but again placement, conjunction, and aspects will give you exact clue.

Note: Even Houses and signs having their own power like Movable signs are much stronger than fixed, dual signs are mixed in terms of strength, and for houses, 10th house is much stronger in all Kendra, then 7th, then 4th and Kendra house is least strong among all Kendra houses.

Another point is, which planet is sitting with which planet (i mean conjunction), as even planetary war and combustion calculation don’t require however their natural behavior towards each other don’t change and benefics will remain benefics and malefics will remain malefics, so affliction point cant be ignored as it will impact personal life.

And as per the placement’s they all going to influence each other via 7th aspect, (Even Saturn’s 10th aspect and Mars’s 4th aspect will also fall in Kendra itself), so many things going to happen.

So I hope you will be understanding what I am trying to say, There will be so many drama’s inside, hence I call it rarest yoga (Not even rare) but before predicting anything it would require deep understanding and a wider level of judgment.

Why this yoga is so IMP :

In our Vedic Vastu system, there is a concept of direction, as “Four Kendra of horoscope” signifies four directions like Lagna signifies “East Direction”, 4th house signifies North Direction, 7th house signifies “West Direction” and 10 house signifies “South Direction” So basically it is said that, in Kamal yoga, Prosperity and protection Coming from all four directions, Hence wide popularity is the main gift of this yoga.

And, if we further expanding the above parameter, then It means you can go in any four directions as all these directions are fruitful for you because prosperity existing in all four directions, however in modern time you can consider this parameter good for overseas corporate business and for wide popularity in the case of kamal yoga.

I think I don’t need to write more about this yoga because already mentioned above that kamal yoga itself inbuilt with many other raja yogas because all the planets will be in Kendra from each other as well (Kendra Axis from each other), there are so many big other raja yogas like maha purush yogas, Kendra Trikona Yogas, Several Dhan yogas, Raja sambandha combinations, And other more yogas will be there.

There is another similar yoga “Chatusa Sagara yoga” which also depends on Kendra and formation required planets to be occupied all four Kendra, However, both are two different yogas with two different definitions, But if you have Kamal yoga in the chart means chatussagara yoga will also be present in your chart, you can read my article on chatussagara yoga to know more.

So in short we can say that Kamal Yoga yoga is a bunch of many raja yogas. And what making it so rare & great, its availability from multiple Lagnas, Like when all planets are in Kendra means yogas will be repeated from Chandra Lagna (Moon chart), Surya Lagna (Sun Chart), Pad Lagna (Arudha Lagna), Paaka Lagna.

Note: If moon in Kendra means this yoga will be available in Chandra Lagna, same with Sun if the sun is in Kendra means it would be available from Surya Lagna also, and if Lagna lord in Kendra means arudha Lagna will be in Kendra, Same with Paaka Lagna because Lagna lord will be in Kendra (Where ever Lagna lord is placed, that house become Paaka Lagna).

So if any yoga is repeating in so many Lagna’s then how rare it can be, and even its results are sure (it’s power and result we can’t think even).

Timing of Manifestation :

Kamala yoga is one of the Akiriti Nabhasha yoga, and Akriti’s are free from any dependency, hence free to give their result, but as other available yogas changing or modifying the actual fruits of nabhsha yoga (it’s applicable on all nabhasha yoga’s) as per their influence and nature, hence Dasha judgment matters here.

In the case of Kamal yoga, it is said their fruits are already a part of life by birth because yoga is formed by all the planets or you can say each planet taking part in yoga formation, so all are connected, So as Dasha grow, qualities also grow with the time.

However, in modern times, I suggest going Dasha wise, Because no matter how big raja yoga you have in your chart but if maha Dasha lord is poor or bad, the result may vary or could be limited.

So even in the case of Kamal Yoga too, I would suggest seeing the maha Dasha sequence because if you have Kamal yoga and maha Dasha sequence is also good (Like Maha Dasha of yoga karaka or Kendra Trikona lords are in a row) then fruits will be unlimited and in a bundle (means in multiple areas and much).

But if the Mahadasha sequence starts from bad planets (bad houses lords, or debilitated planets) then even in such a case, life with start with jerks and a massive raja yoga will be limited to a certain level.

Overall Good Maha Dasha will boost the result, however, a bad one will give odd experiences along with a good one.

Some Myth about This Yoga :

These days astrology is generating large revenue; hence many writers overstating fruits of the yogas, however, if you applying your logic then you will see that reality is far away from stating results in the definitions –

So I am also discussing about few myth like –

  • It’s giving long life – Long life depends on multiple factors, (Refer example section, Chart -2) Kamal yoga cant bless with a long life but what I have experienced with it that, it removes fear from untimely death, however, to judge long life, longevity calculation is required.
  • Due to Kamal yoga, you will get a virtuous spouse – Again answer is the same if there is much malefic placed in the 1st or 7th house or even Venus and 7th lord are afflicted then it can’t bless with marital happiness, So here again judgment requires to see the marital pleasure in life.
  • Giving all pleasure and happiness in life – Some misunderstood statement it seems, here all pleasure and happiness means to wealth and luxuries and may fulfill your material desires (which you can fulfill through your wealth), however for personal life happiness further judgment require, because merely material fulfillment cant make life successful.
  • A person mostly taking birth in a rich environment – again no guarantee because if birth Dasha is not good (birth dasha belongs to debilitated or dushthana lords etc) then birth in a poor environment is possible however later rise will be for sure.

Fruits of the Kamal Yoga :

As I said Kamal yoga is a bunch of many good or bad raja yoga, however, it’s Kaliyuga and kings era (time) is no more, and in modern times things have been changed completely, so it’s better if we are predicting it accordingly to the modern era.

We are living in the yuga of science and technology, So its better if we predict it practically, So as all four Kendra houses are involved, which represent four directions so blessing and prosperity will come from all the four directions (Good for popularity and wide business), Kamal is a name of purity so the presence of kamal yoga purifies the person and saving from other odds which are obstruction in growth, its also said that this yoga removes many evils of the horoscope (no doubt because all banefics in Kendra) when all houses lords are in Kendra (also Kendra from each other in the axis) and influencing each other so a person can be multitalented as well (Refer example section).   

When much malefics placed in the 10th house then political role can also be indicated however pointing out the exact industry of success is a tough task without knowing the Lagna rising sign and exact placements of the planets, however as there could be many raja Sambhandha combination will also be there which signifies associations with royal peoples, And with such a beautiful yoga where all directions protecting and supporting then popularity is just an inbuilt gift or it could be a less word for such yoga. Overall it’s a guarantee for big professional success with royal and luxurious life but for personal life (like Good marriage, long life, family happiness) require further judgment and careful analysis.

Kendra houses are foundations (Pillars of the horoscope), So if your foundation is strong then blessing on all area is common thing.

Role of the Rahu and Ketu :

Lunar nodes are hidden in the galaxy (not visible) hence they are not part of nabhsha yogas but we can’t ignore their presence in the chart especially in modern time, outcome of any nabhasa yoga may be modified or turned into any good or bad direction due to vibrations of nodes hence they have the ability to eclipse or boost any yoga especially when they are part of any conjunction and placed in Kendra bhava, so if they are part of a good yoga they just gonna boost the power of yoga however if with negative once’s then problem and obstacle could be there, overall their happiness level can make or destroy anything.

Strength of yoga

Horoscope Examples :

Getting horoscopes where all planets were in Kendra was a tough task, I have searched a large database of horoscopes, finally found few charts where yogas were there which confirm at least the formation of this yoga is possible.

So let’s start example section and refer the horoscope one by one –    

Case Study – 1


Refer above horoscope of 1927 born person, here all the seven main planets are in fixed signs and placed in four Kendra houses (a great example of Kamal yoga), Rahu and Ketu also sitting in 5/11 axis, Yoga is repeating from Chandra Lagna, Surya Lagna, Pad Lagna, Paaka Lagna, however, if you focus on another rare point is that in the above chart, all the seven planets influencing Lagna bhava (1st house), if we refer his life was initial in struggle (five planets in Scorpio and Aquarius) but he earned a name for his in later life as he was a broadcaster, also a quite famous highly educated poet (quite popular in his country), he knew multiple languages, also had knowledge in multiple subjects and he passed away in 2012 at the age of 86. refer next chart –

Case Study – 2

Kamal yoga horoscope

The above chart belongs to a world-famous female, all seven major planets in movable signs and placed in all four Kendra’s forming a beautiful yoga, here again, all the planets influencing 1st house, apart from this there are three Maha Purush yoga also available in the chart, she was quite a famous personality of her time, as well as the richest novelist and was also involved in Radio and television (In that time radio was more popular than black and white T.V.), A writer and actress has won many awards globally and traveled many overseas countries due to her work, she was quite a blessed than the first chart, however, very beautiful but never married and she left the world at the age of 55 as she died from liver cancer, means it’s clear that long life and marital bliss is not promised in this yoga.

Note: When all planets occupy movable signs in the birth charts signifies that person could be restless in nature as loves traveling in other places (involved journey of other countries), its basic nature of signs, however, results are just opposite in case of fixed signs as a person is the firmest in disposition, this result is mixed in case if dual signs, so this is how even signs play their role.

Case Study – 3

Kamal yoga

Refer to the above chart, born on almost the same duration but in a different country, belong to the rich and notable family and quite successful professionally (Wide Family business) all four Kendra houses are occupied by all planets in movable signs (no Kendra houses are vacant) forming kamal yoga in the chart, also three maha Purush yogas involving three main Kendra houses, many dhan yoga, saraswati yoga, vasumati yoga, and many more yoga, he was quite a luxurious.

Case Study – 4


Refer above chart, this man born 8 days and 2 hours later than the man of case study 3, Having almost similar planetary placement except for the moon, almost equal to many raja yogas but could not achieve what the rest of 3 peoples have received in life (Professionally he was an astrologer but not same lucky as above one), As here no kamal yoga available because 4th house is vacant, all planets are in 3 Kendra houses this is another type of nabhasha yoga shool Yoga (A limited yoga generating hardships), so see how an entire result is modified, and a life that could be a bit more blessed turned into a limited life due to shool yoga…

below one is the varga chart and showing for judgement purpose –

Case Study – 5

It is said that along with 12 sign, 12 house, 7 planets, even all Shodas Varga chart also taking part in nabhasha yoga, hence collected varga chart also for observation –

So here, Refer to a divisional chart (This is not a D-1 chart), let’s apply condition and judgment here, as all the planets are placed in Kendra house (As well as placed in Kendra axis from each other) as no Kendra house is vacant and no planet is outside of the Kendra,

So this chart fulfilling all required parameters, now judge it separately to get the loop holes –

So many raja yogas and bad yogas are available here as Lagna having Saraswati yoga (all three benefics are in Kendra), Shrapit Dosh (Saturn+Rahu), amavasya dosh (Sun and Moon in 7th house) is also there, and apart from everything All seven major planets aspecting Lagna house, so can you see how much drama is available in such horoscope.

Basically, 3 Kendra houses are in worse conditions (4th, 7th, and 10th) due to malefic’s, No life like kamal yoga, so the impact of kamal yoga is missing in the divisional chart, Overall formation of kamal yoga in D-1 (Main birth chart ) seems more promising as not find any kamal yoga effects in the divisional chart because it is quite possible in divisional charts but in D-1 it seems rarest.

after analysis of the above five charts, so many things we have got cleared, however, you can also see the power of signs and houses, As in the first horoscope fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) falling in Kendra which are famous for giving fixed kind of result, however as I said movable signs are bit more powerful rather than fixed signs, So in example 2 & 3, movable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) falling in Kendra, So peoples born with movable signs ( horoscope 2 & 3 ) were quite lucky in terms of horoscope chart 1 & 5, another point is 10th house is powerful Kendra house in horoscope example 3, all the benefics planets and raja yoga available in 10th house, and he was luckiest one. So you can see even signs and houses play a vital role in yoga formation.  

Lagan (first house with a sign in it) decided the direction of life, and good or bad yoga decides fruits pattern in human life and houses signifies the area of distribution, and planets are the distributors of fruits, this definition will clear the rest of your doubts.

I hope the above examples are sufficient for your understanding and I also want to say that, by observing the above horoscopes at least a few points are quite clear here –

  • Kamal yoga may make you successful materially for sure, but personal life requires further judgment as other available parameters may make or break personal life.
  • Small parameters can make or break any yoga in astrology.
  • Don’t apply partial condition on any raja yoga, honestly, you will be disappointed.
  • Even if any raja yoga is available, apply all required parameters to judge its strength, it will give you a proper and clear picture.
  • Judge any yoga from multiple angles to get the loopholes.

I have also added few questions and answer to this article and sharing my tiny experience for the most commonly asked question, so just click over the question to read its answer –

Few Important FAQ’s :

Right now I have only a few questions, however, if you have any other question or doubt about this yoga, just drop me an email or use the comment section, if I found your question related to the article then I will add that into above FAQ section with an answer for sure, but don’t misuse comment section (asking for a reading, etc) as each comment is under moderation and will be published after review.

Conclusion :

Kamal yoga is a contribution of all the planets, as all planets releasing their positive and negative energies into Kendra houses, and when all energies mixing into one in Kendra houses then it’s forming kamal yoga, So of course, each one not getting the same fruits of kamal yoga (as signs and house placement matters).

Please don’t include any horoscope where 4-5 planets are in Kendra as they are not part of such a beautiful yoga (Refer case study -4), until and unless all stated parameters are not fulfilled no Kamal is formed, As via applying partial definition you can satisfy your mind only but not the chart, hints are enough.  

Anyways, no one having everything in his or her life as not even god avatars, so how a human can get everything in his life, something is always missing, but this yoga has been praised in many granthas like Brahat Jataka, Saravali, BPHS, and in Yavan Jataka.

In Saravali Vol -1 (Ch: 21 Nabhas Yoga by Santhanam) this yoga has another name Padma Yoga however Yavanacharya (Ref: Yavana Jataka Ch-36, Vol-2) used the Word “Mangala Yoga” for this yoga and says such person performs good deeds in his or her whole life and if a native taking birth with this yoga then we can assume a wealthy ruler is born, Kamal yoga purifies the person and making a notable one, So no doubt that when in full power then “It’s an extraordinary reward of karmic destiny”.

Yavancharya also says person born with Mangala (Kamala yoga) will be a powerful orator, which is exactly true in all cases, as for example 1, 2 were a writer and novelist and blessed with oratory talent, in chart 3 he is into public speaking and involved in business drafting, Case 5 also doing the preaching and writing in part-time apart from his main work, so a yoga delivers what it’s promising in the chart.

In Modern time alone yoga can’t give everything, as there are separate yogas for everything, however, if any yoga giving many things then it’s not less than a boon (It’s like all in one package).

Do you know why I am calling it rarest (rare in rare), because when all the planets transiting a specific set of signs (Movable, Fixed or Dual) then only they can fall Kendra to each other, and then birth time can decide whether that specific set of the sign falling into Kendra or not, Basically moon moves very fast hence yoga cant be there for so long (Refer case study 4, where moon changed the entire game).

If we look at formation possibility then Saturn is the slowest planet in transit and taking 30 years for a full round of 12 zodiac signs, Jupiter taking 12 years to finish this cycle, so during this Jupiter must be meeting Saturn at least 6-7 times in a specific set of signs, remain planets moving faster hence meeting of all the planets in a specific set of signs is a bit of rare task.

Such planetary formation (which forming Kamal yoga) happens in more than in 50 years or more (where all planets meeting in a specific set of signs), so we can’t see such a Yug Purusha (An Era man) even in many generations, billions of peoples taking birth just in a decade, but such peoples comes rarely because only rare people gets the rare yoga, now you can understand why this is rarest…

Actually required formation conditions are making it so rare.

Anyways, Yoga is just a significator of your good or bad karma, So if you are blessed with any raja yoga which makes you capable, so first I would like to congratulate then have a single request to please help needy peoples also because –

If you have found this article helpful for you or If you have any feedback for this article then must use the feedback form given below of each article, it has been added for experts opinion as I am also a human neither a robot nor any god gifted mind, I can also make mistakes so if you want to discuss on any point, just feel free to use the comment section or send me feedback, if I am wrong I will consider your point and will correct myself, so must share your kind feedback (Does not matter good or bad but expecting an honest experience).

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