Maha bhagya Yoga in Vedic Astrology

Here, we will discuss about one of the very rare but very important yoga of Parashar astrology which is Maha Bhagya Yoga and trust me my article will not be one line definition like other articles as I am going to show all good and bad aspects of this yoga because I have many points to share along with sufficient horoscopes as examples. 

All the books which I have read till now along with all information which are available in internet is nothing more than a definition and copy and pasted result from Indian classics, you won’t find a detailed version of this yoga which includes practical approaches anywhere.

Anyways, whatever I am writing here is my own practical observation hence all the errors and mistakes related to this article are mine only.

Introduction :

For each yoga I have separate article and this one is about Maha bhagya yoga which is again depends on sun and moon sign placement with few specific conditions.  

Yoga is nothing but a highlighted mark in a birth chart, whether signifying something good or there could be some kind of alert if its negative yoga, there are many astrology grantha’s which praising many yoga (especially when it’s formed by Sun and Moon).

Sages has mentioned about many good or bad yoga’s which depends on sun and moon, as these two planets are mother and father of astrology as astrology starts with them only.

You can see one or two yoga’s formed due to Sun and moon in almost each horoscope, but few are known as rare because they require certain conditions to fulfill, and that formation is not easy hence they are known as rare yoga.

Maha Bhagya yoga is one of them, it require some conditions and also rewarding according to its strength, Some are highly beneficial, some are bit less profitable, but few are flopped also (mostly action less people).

So we will discuss each condition here and will judge through our practical approach.  

Definitation of Maha Bhagya :

Maha Bhagya itself a powerful word and tells its own meaning as Maha means “Great” and Bhagya means “Fortune”, hence Maha Bhagya means Great fortune.

As per the definition mentioned in classics “If male born in the day time and Ascendant falls in odd sign as well as Sun and Moon also occupy odd signs in birth (D-1) chart then the presence of this yoga is confirmed.

Note: Odd signs are – Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius however even signs are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. 

However, in case of female, Birth time must be in night and Ascendant, Sun & Moon should be in even sign in birth chart to get this yoga, means birth rising sign and sun, moon must be placed in one of the even signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces).

And if we go as per possibility for ascendant wise, so out of 12 ascendants six are reserved for male and remain six for the female because the only male born with Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, ascendant rising signs can have this yoga and female born with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces ascendant can get this yoga, and its all because reservation of odd-even Lagna rising sign for each gender (As male born with Taurus or other even Lagna rising sign cant get Lagna to be in odd sign, vice versa for females). 

Required Conditions :

However, its known as one of rare yoga because there are three parameters should match at same time (at the time of birth) then only formation of this yoga is possible, and these three parameters are –

  • Birth Time (Day for Male and Night for Females).
  • Ascendant rising sign (Should be odd for male and even for females).
  • Sign placement of luminaries (Both Should be in odd signs for male and an even sign for females).

So if any horoscope which fulfills above three parameters considered to be blessed by this yoga.

Three conditions

Clarification on Birth Time :

Now, I would like to clarify all the involved points which are responsible for this yoga, Like the meaning of day and night time for different genders, the Importance of sun and moon with odd-even signs, and foremost important uses of Lagna and why all these together are so important??

So, let’s understand one by one with logical approach –  

First parameter of this yoga is “Birth Time”, whenever you search anything about this yoga so you will get only one liner answer mentioned as “for male birth should be in day time and for female’s birth should be in night time”, further no clarification available.

So, let me clarify it more, as we all knows, day and night are associated with Sun and Moon which are significator of masculine and feminine energies hence day time has been considered good for male birth and night time is considered good for female birth.

And a day start when Sun rises and day ends when Sun sets and night starts when sun vanishes completely in the sky, but as we know Sun rising and set time could be different season wise (Summer, Winter, Rainy Season), hence use google and check sun rising and set time of your Janam tithi (Birth date), same for females as must check sun set time of your birth date which is beginning of night to till sun rise again which is signal for end of night.     

So, if we consider an average sunrise and sunset calculations then we can consider from morning 6.30 AM to 7 to 8 PM (in summer days are quite long) good for male birth, and 8 PM to 5 AM for female birth, but again I will suggest using google to see the exact time of sunrise and sunset for your date of birth especially if you (male) are born in the early morning or late evening, and same for females also like if any female born at 7.20 PM in May-Jun (Days are long during these months) but if Sun rays are still present in the sky then we can’t consider it a night time, so please be careful here.  

However, another point regarding birth time is, can we consider all to be equally lucky if one born in morning, afternoon or evening(in case of male), or night or midnight (In case of female)???

So, the answer is No, here again, there is a condition, Early morning and late evening time bit less powerful than an afternoon (in case of male), and Early night and late-night time are a bit less than midnight, and the logic behind it is that at afternoon sun reaches to its full power (Peak time), Same with Moon also as at midnight moon reaches on its peak and shines with its full power.

Overall, we can say Male birth from 12 PM to 4 PM and female birth from 12 AM to 4 AM is more powerful than other time because during these timings sun and moon shine with their full powers and its known as peak time for them.

So, I hope concern related to Birth time is clear Now.

Clarification on Lagna :

As per yoga definition in the case of male rising sign in the ascendant should be odd, and in the case of female ascendant rising should be an even sign.

The first house of birth horoscope is known as “Ascendant” and it signifies “You”, people think that ascendant is associated with the only personality however I say “no” it’s more than that, let me clarify –  

As we know there are 12 houses in the horoscope, and apart from the first house (ascendant), there are more 11 houses that are affecting your Lagna, like after the first house there is a second house that signifies speech, wealth, family, etc.

But use your common sense and tell me who gets the family, to whom this wealth belongs to, or who’s speech is second house signifying???

Yes, it’s all associated with first house means “You”.

The third house is the house of self-efforts, siblings, then who puts self-efforts in their work, or to whom these siblings belongs to???

Yes, it’s all belongs to “You” means all these effects reaching to first house.  

The fourth house is home, mother, vehicles, etc then whose mother is this, or who gets this home or vehicles??

Yes, it’s you, because she is your mother and it’s your house and it’s you who gets pleasure of the vehicle.     

Fifth house is house of education, love affairs, kids, then who gets these things??

Yes, it goes to the first house means you are receiving it, whether your fifth house giving you complete education or breaks in education so that breaks or success all belong to you, same thing with your love affairs, and kids as they all are yours.

Sixth house is seen for debt, disease, then who takes this debt, who gets these diseases??

Yes, it’s again “You” who experienced these odd situations of life.

In the same way, the seventh house is marriage, the eighth house is death, the 9th house Dharma, the 10th house profession, 11th gains, and 12th house loss and Moksha, but who receive this???

If there is Dhan yoga or bad yoga’s available in your charts which causing pain or pleasure then who is getting this pain or pleasure given by the yoga’s??

It’s all belongs to you, overall all good or bad from 2nd house to 12th house reaches to the first house (Lagna), which means “you” because you are getting all the pains and pleasure coming from other houses, the day you will die rest 11 houses (from 2nd to 12th) automatically become inactive because “you are no more” and will not be physically there to experience that coming pain or pleasure. 

Hence first house signifies you, and strength of first house or Lagna matters here, If Lagna is strong then you become capable to face all the odds coming from evils houses or by evil planets. But if Lagna is weak or afflicted then even small pain you can’t tolerate as you are not strong enough. 

Hence any exalted benefic (Especially mercury and Jupiter as gets Digbal in the first house) occupies Lagna is not less than a Boon in any horoscope as its acts as a firewall, because it protects you from many negative situations and makes you strong enough to face them, So you can say like Strength of Lagna or Strong Lagna makes you overall strong. 

house Strength

However weak Lagna or afflicted Lagna makes you weaker in all matters, hence rising odd signs in ascendant are considered good for male birth, and even rising signs are good for females.

Clarification on Sun & Moon :

Sun represents your soul, Ego, confidence, overall potential, and everything that makes you unique among all, and we know Sun itself a masculine fiery planet. However, the moon rules your thoughts, describes your thinking ability, your emotional reactions, caretaker of your mind flow, so overall these two planets which are known as luminaries in astrology play a vital role in human life as both are friendly to each other.  

Note: Luminaries mean light-giving bodies and in astrology, only the Sun and Moon are known as luminaries (Real sources of light).

The strength of Sun and moon increases the richness of your horoscope hence lordships of these two along with house placement and other planetary influences over the sun and moon can make or destroy the auspicious-ness of this yoga.

Placement of sun and moon in 6th, 8th, and 12th houses, or even if depressed by nodes (Causes Grahan yoga) & Saturn in bad houses makes this yoga weaker (however mars being malefic still an exceptional as friendly to sun and Moon), However benefic placed with Sun and Moon will defiantly increase the power of Sun and Moon.

One more point is, in the case of Maha Bhagya yoga, Sun and moon should not be placed 6th or 8th places from each other (As it forms Shadastak) because it will make Maha Bhagya yoga weak.

Apart from this, Shadbal and other strength sources along with divisional placement for Sun and Moon are equally important, overall if these two kingly planets are healthy, they will surely bless you.

Two Friends

However, weakness at any point (Either by weak ascendant or weak/depressed Sun & Moon) in the horoscope reveals weakness for a specific level in life.

Clarification on Myths :

I have found a bit of misconception about its result, or I should not call it a misconception because peoples are just copying and pasting output as mentioned in shlokas of Indian classics, anyways let me show my point of view, and it’s better you decide what is right or what is wrong….

As per other astrologers if person born with Maha Bhagya Yoga will live in immense pleasure, promises long life, he or she will be ruler of earth, will be very famous, he/she will be very lucky in all matters, will have huge wealth, will be man or woman of good character, will get long lived spouse, and one south Indian astrologer written in his article that one get this yoga in chart because he/she didn’t think about others except own spouse hence if this yoga is presence then present marital life will be prosperous.

However, trust me, nothing is like that, I have used multiple horoscopes to write this article, few of them I have published in the example section, however, left many as I don’t want to make the article too long, so the only basis of published horoscope I am clarifying my points one by one –  

  • One will live in immense pleasure – First of all, no one gets immense pleasure throughout life as it’s always mixed with pains, however as far as life luxury is a concern so that depends on multiple factors apart from this yoga.
  • Promises long life – Refer horoscope of Rajiv Gandhi, he born 0n 1944 but he got assassinated in 1991 (Died @ 46), which means he could not finish even 50 yr. span of his life, Even Indira Gandhi assassinated @ the age of 66, which Means Maha Bhagya yoga alone can’t bless with long life.
  • Promising Marital bliss – to clarify this point better, please refer horoscope of Lata Mangeshkar, he didn’t marry whole life, Rahul Gandhi is yet unmarried (Age 46 yrs), Priyanka Chopra even after being world level celebrity married very late (Age 36), Indira Gandhi who got married but her husband died at the age of 46, Overall all these people having Maha Bhagya yoga but all missed marital bliss??? It means marital bliss doesn’t depend alone on Maha Bhagya yoga and you have to look for other factors of horoscope to judge the marital outcome.
  • Huge Wealth & Good character – as per my observation I have seen many male or females those are involved in extramarital affairs having this yoga, Even very famous Priyanka Chopra accepted that she was having multiple love encounters in her life at some time, So again being a man or woman of good character doesn’t depend alone on this yoga (you need to see other parameters as well), Same in the matter of Wealth and Luck, all born with this yoga are not equal wealthy or lucky in matter of luxury (Refer the Karaka Venus along with).
  • Will be a ruler on Earth – in modern time nobody can rule the entire world or the entire earth, because now country limitations are applicable on each one, read my raja yoga article to understand it more clearly.
  • Wide Fame and Popularity – as far as the relation of fame and popularity is the concern with Maha Bhagya yoga so I would like to say Maha Bhagya yoga could be support (Due to the involvement of two royal planets) but not guaranteed as each one born with Maha Bhagya yoga is not equally famous, however, if you think about film stars’ life so they could be famous worldwide but remember fame and popularity is merely an influence on others, which fade out with the time. 

I know you might be thinking when so many loopholes are available in this yoga then why this yoga is considered so powerful and why I am writing such a long article?

Real Fruits of Mahabhagya Yoga :

I know you must be thinking when nothing to get, then why this Jugalbandi (Joint connection) of ascendant, sun, Moon with odd-even signs & time is so important???   

Or why indian rishis praising this yoga so much in classics ??

Well, This question is backbone of this article, lets discuss that too –

When a person comes to this earth, then he or she gets one physical body (Lagna), Mind (Moon), and a Soul (Sun), and life is not beyond Mind, soul, and Body as one requires all for their journey with the time.

three Path

So overall you can say, progress or growth of the human being depends on three-level which are Physical (Lagna), Mental (Moon), and Soul level or Spiritual (Sun), So this yoga is nothing but additional support & signifies Growth for your life in all three-level (Physical, Mental and Spiritual or Soul level). 

three level success

A person born with Maha Bhagya yoga, with Odd (Male) or Even (Female) rising sign personality itself become an influence, they are having the capability to influence whomever they meet, Due to involvement of two royal planet (Sun & Moon) person gets one hidden magnetic power which attracts peoples, the person becomes popular in their circle and society, Maha Bhagya yoga also gives huge support in a professional matter, as sun placement in odd signs making person bold and rigid for his decisions which required to get success in modern time.

As we know three directions (Spiritual, Mental, physical) of humans gets decided by Sun Kundli, Chandra Kundli (Moon chart), and Ascendant (Sudarshan Chakra Method is based on these three only), So this is the only yoga that lifts your life from all three angles and makes a person an ideal icon.

Lifting arrow

It’s not necessary that each one born with this yoga becoming a celebrity, but certainly attain one level in life as their name becomes an identity of the family, if we ask karmically answer, so you can consider it rewards of past blessings in the present birth, which converting your fortune into a great fortune, Maha Bhagya yoga is Add On support for your horoscope which increases the overall potential of the birth chart.

If you are looking for huge wealth and worldwide popularity then please also look for other supportive wealth and popularity producing combinations in your chart, as Maha Bhagya yoga can be a good support in all matter as providing great support in the professional matter also from middle age (After certain maturity level) but alone can’t guarantee for everything.

However involved houses (via placement of Sun and Moon) will give you clue about the blessed area of your life, as each house signifies specific section of our life.

Timing of Manifestation :

Mahadasha is not a concern here, as the progress of life in all three level starts since birth and happens till death, Maha Bhagya yoga is a conditional yoga (When all required condition will be fulfilled then only formation of Maha Bhagya yoga is possible) hence can’t consider this yoga to dependent on Maha Dasha’s, however, still Dasha’s role can’t be ignored in human life as if favorable Dasha is going on then fruits could be higher and massive but bad dasha can give you jerks with fewer fruits (so the whole judgment of the chart is required).  

Take examples of horoscopes – Indira Gandhi faced Sun & Moon Maha Dasha at a very early age and she never faced Maha Dasha of Sun and Moon again after childhood, but still, she was a well-known powerful personality of Indian history.

In the case of Lata Mangeshkar, Sun and Moon Dasha came into her life (1973 to 1989) when she was facing her peak time here Maha Bhagya yoga supported her to reach her maximum stardom.  

Priyanka Chopra, born in balance Dasha of an exalted Moon and never going to face Sun Maha Dasha but she is still successful and shining like Sun and Moon in the glamour industry without getting mahadasha of mahabhagya yoga giving planets.

Jaya Bachchan, Maha Dasha of Sun and Moon came in (from 1990 – till 2006), till then she was already a well-established actress, however in moon Maha Dasha she joined politics.

Dheeru Bhai Ambani, faced Maha Dasha of Sun and Moon before 25 years of his age (In childhood) and died before cycle repetition, So never faced the sun and Moon mahadasha again however still he created Indian largest business empire reliance group

So its quite clear, that even if peoples are not facing dasha of sun and moon, magic and effects of maha bhagya yoga is available in their charts.

Mystery of Odd Even Houses :

Now one more point which I wanted to share is that apart from odd signs placements of all three (Birth Lagna, Sun, and Moon) if house placement is also odd then Maha bhagya yoga seems a bit more promising (It’s for Male Only).


This means If a male born in the daytime with the ascendant, Sun and Moon are in odd signs, and at the same time if sun and moon also occupied odd houses (1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th).

however ascendant is an odd house (known as 1st house), so for females, this parameter is not applicable (in terms of even house placement) but sun and moon can be placed in even houses (2nd, 4th, 10th, but not 6th, 8th and 12th as it’s not a good placement for Sun and moon as yoga may still work but can’t give its 100%).

So I hope, your doubts for this Jugalbandi (Joint connection of ascendant, sun, Moon with odd-even signs & time) are clarified now.   


Role of Rahu and Ketu :

Rahu and Ketu are ghosts in astrology (I call them a ghost due to their horror behavior), their connection with ascendant is not treated as good at all, however with sun and moon they create Grahan Dosha (Eclipse), however, it does not mean horoscope is bad when sun or moon with nodes in the chart, their role can be supportive in professional area (as per lordship of sun or moon) but the problem in personal life has been observed, Refer horoscope example section as peoples are rising higher even when sun and moon are with Rahu and Ketu but suffering available in personal life, So here again, a careful judgment is required.

Horoscope Examples :

Getting authentic horoscopes these days a tough task, as most Indian celebrities don’t reveal their birth details so easily hence we are always struggling with correct birth data, however, I have given my best to collect authentic horoscopes so that I can show the best in examples, hence you can trust on the charts shown here (In North Indian & South Indian both the formats) –    

So let’s start example section and refer the horoscope one by one (condition wise) –

Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi Horoscope

Above chart belongs to first female prime minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi, she born at Night at 11:11 PM in cancer ascendant which is an even sign, Sun occupies sign of Scorpio in fifth house which is again an even sign, and moon also occupied an even sign Capricorn in 7th house, Here Sun and Moon are placed 3/11 position from each other, Overall, she got blessed with this yoga as far as I know she was second longest serving prime minister of India.   

Ms. Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar horoscope

Above horoscope belongs to another Indian female legendary singer, Ms. Lata Mangeshkar, who is yet known as Indian icon and won the title of “Nightingale of India”, and even she is very dear to all Indian, she born at night time 10:35 PM at night where occupied own sign cancer which is an even sign, and sun is sitting in 5th house in another even sign Virgo, and birth ascendant is Taurus is an even sign and presence of Jupiter in Lagna is another advantage as its making her a pious lady, sun and Moon here again placed in 3/11 position.

Mrs. Jaya Bachchan

Jaya Bachchan horoscope

Above chart belongs to Mrs. Jaya Bachchan, one of the famous Indian actress and wife of another legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, she born at mid night 02:31:39 AM with an even ascendant Capricorn, where both Sun and moon occupied even Sign Pisces in 3rd house with mercury, which confirms availability of this yoga.  

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka chopra horoscope

Very beautiful Priyanka Chopra who is luck is quite shining these days as she moved to Hollywood from Bollywood, she born at midnight 1:26 AM with an even sign ascendant Taurus with the exalted moon (in even sign), Sun is in 3rd house in even sign cancer, Sun & Moon placed here in 3/11 position and having no afflictions, So availability of this yoga is confirmed.

Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt Horoscope

In above case, Judge closely as Lagna lord is strong and with a benefics (Forming another dhan yoga and Kendra Trikona yoga), sun having support of another two benefics (Yoga karaka Venus and Jupiter), Lagna is an even sign Capricorn, Sun and moon placed in even signs, birth time is before sunrise 4:10 AM, however moon is quite depressed here as conjunct Rahu and also placed in debilitated sign under aspect of Saturn (being 7th lord in 11th house marriage is profitable but later internal issues with time to time will be there for sure as karaka Venus conjunct 8th lord sun), however if you see professionally then rest of many factors are supporting and Maha Dasha of yoga karaka Venus a boon for her, Maha Bhagya yoga seems weak in few angles however due to other supporting factors still she is an influencive personality. So see if you judge any yoga from multiple angle and doing proper analysis of a chart then you can understand power and loop holes of any good or bad yoga.

Note: As I said above, Maha Bhagya yoga seems a bit more promising if sun, moon, and ascendant also having in odd houses (For male native), as ascendant itself an odd house, just placement of Sun and moon in odd houses required along with an odd signs placements, but this condition is not applicable on female native because ascendant is a fixed odd house (for female even requires).

Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault horoscope

Refer above horoscope, Birth time is 05:00 PM, ascendant is an odd sign Leo, Sun occupied an odd sign Aquarius, and moon occupied an odd sign Aries however both planets also occupied Odd houses like Sun in 7th and moon in 9th house both placed in 3/11 position again. Chart belongs to a professional successful man who is French business magnate, and CEO in LVMH (Largest luxury goods company) and largest shareholder of the haute couture house.  

John Cena

John Cena horoscope

In above chart, birth time is day as 08:57 AM Lagna falls in odd sign Gemini with Moon which is in odd sign and odd house, and Sun is also in odd sign Aries in 11th house which is also an odd house, Sun and moon again placed in 3/11 position, Person is well known WWW wrestler in USA (John Cena).  

Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting horoscope

In above chart, birth time is odd as born in midday 03:34 PM, Lagna Sun and Moon all in odd sign and occupied odd houses, Position of sun and moon is 3/11 here too, chart belongs to one of the most successful Australian cricketer Ricky Ponting who has given three world cup to Australia under his captaincy, lets refer few politician’s horoscope – 

Morar Ji desai

Morar Ji Desai horoscope

Above horoscope belongs to 4th prime minister of India Shri Morarji Desai, who born in day 12:58 PM, Lagna is odd sign Gemini, Sun and moon occupied odd sign and odd houses and 7th places away from each other. He also having Jupiter and Saturn exalted but both retrograde. 

Murli Manohar Joshi

Murli Manohar Joshi horoscope

Above horoscope of an Indian politician Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, who born in day time 10:20 AM, Lagna Sun and Moon in odd sign and odd houses, sun and moon placed in 5/9 Axis from each other.

Mr. Rajiv Gandhi

Rajiv Gandhi horoscope

Above horoscope of an Indian politician Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, who is also known as youngest prime minister of India (became PM @ age of 40), He born in day time 08:11:40 AM in Leo ascendant, Sun and Moon both in Lagna which is an odd sign and odd house. 

Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi Horoscope

Rahul Gandhi, Son of Rajiv Gandhi is also a politician and leader of congress party, Born at mid-day 02:48 PM, the ascendant is an odd sign Libra, Sun, and Moon both occupied an odd sign and also placed in odd houses forming Maha Bhagya Yoga, sun and moon placed in 7th axis from each other, refer next First Indian Superstar Actor – 

Mr. Rajesh Khanna

Rajesh Khanna horoscope

First Indian Cinema Super star Mr. Rajesh Khanna born at evening time 05:45 PM with odd rising sign in Lagna, Sun and Moon both placed in odd sign in odd houses, Sun and Moon placed in 5/11 axis from each other, No one has received such huge public love as he got.

Mr. Dheeru Bhai Ambani

Dheeru Bhai Ambani horoscope

The above chart belongs to one man who created Indian richest business empire, He is Sir Dheeru Bhai Ambani (Founder of reliance group) who born in the early morning 06:57 AM in Odd Dhanu Lagna, Where Sun and Moon occupied the first house itself, So the house and sign both become Odd for Sun and Moon.  

Few more horoscope I am having with me but due to length I could not publish their chart here but I am sharing their names (Paris Hilton, J Paul Getty, Cricketer Donald Bredman, Bhaskarnand Lohani) so that you can use google to search their chart or read my other articles to see their horoscopes. 

I hope the above examples are sufficient for your understanding and I also want to say that, by observing the above horoscopes at least a few points are quite clear here –

  • When the overall chart is strong, it seems like even weak yoga results are coming in full swing.
  • Sun and Moon are like father and mother in astrology, so if parents are happy then they pass their blessing surely.
  • Don’t apply any raja yoga if any stated condition is not fulfilled in the chart, honestly, you will be disappointed (Don’t apply conditions partially).
  • Any conditional yoga requires strong judgment hence apply all required parameters to judge its strength, it will give you a proper and clear picture.
  • Judge any yoga from multiple angles to get the loopholes.

In this modern time any astrology yoga holds many hidden terms and conditions with it, hence readers having many doubts regarding even small parameter, and they ask a question via social media, via emails, and through other sources as well, so I am trying to solve a few of their questions here, Just click on each question to get the answer for that question, so let’s start –   

Frequently Asked Questions :

I hope above FAQ’s will clear your doubts, however if you having another question which is related to this article, just feel free to comment and if I like it and found it related then we will add your question in our FAQ section with the answer for sure.

Conclusion :

Each yoga in astrology signifies something, few giving wealth (Known as Dhan yoga), few causing luxury, few giving fame and popularity, there are certain yoga which are giving wealth and fame etc but they are also having some different meaning and outcome (Like dharma karma Adhipati yoga, Maha Bhagya yoga, Kamal yoga, Karjiva yoga etc).

Indeed peoples born with Maha Bhagya yoga is really blessed in many sense, because I have seen successful and unsuccessful both type of peoples born with this, few successful celebrities are listed in example section, however what is the meaning of unsuccessful here?

Now a day’s peoples just expect money and fame from any yoga and giving success and flop label just on the basis of bank balance which is not good, Sun and Moon are not merely planets but a real-time Devta also (Chandra devta, Surya Devta) which are visible in the sky, they are real sources of light and energies, so how you can restrict their result to till money only??

Yes they are wealth giver (specially moon as indu lagna is based on moon), they also causes popularity, So no doubt peoples born with Maha Bhagya yoga should be popular and wealthy, but more vital result you obtained when you judge all three lagna (Birth lagna, Chandra Lagna, Surya Lagna) from the angle of Sudarshan chakra, It signifies growth and success on all three level –

three path

And it said that if anything is indicated from all three Lagna (Chandra, Surya, and birth Lagna), that result will surely come; hence we give importance to the Chandra Kundli (Moon chart) as equal Lagna Kundli (D-1).   

I have given all types of examples of horoscopes so that you can understand all loopholes and reality of this yoga, all you have to understand its meaning, because if you are just looking for good luck (in terms of wealth and luxury) then you can’t understand any yoga ever, sometime a yoga giving more than wealth and luxury but you can’t understand it (Because you just have money in the mind)…so first understand what the specific yoga promises in the chart then look for the result.

Rishi’s has given two separate conditions gender wise which means they have given clues about qualities of signs specified for both the genders as for male with this yoga blessed with the quality of muscular signs and rigidness in approaches are available in their nature, same with females as qualities of females signs are a part of each female nature.

Peoples those are not a celebrity yet having MB yoga in their chart, I have seen they are living quite a progressive life, most of them are travel lovers also traveling wide and long-distance countries, they love and care their families, famous in their friend’s circles, Peoples loves to be in such company, their behaviors making them special, spiritual In nature, having enough mental wealth rather than currency wealth, So each one having own luck, few having huge and few having little less, But Maha Bhagya yoga is just an add on layer of auspiciousness over your luck, Now how much it will enhance your luck, that depends how much good luck you have received in this birth.

Having Maha Bhagya yoga in the horoscope is like a divine blessing and the best part of this yoga no matter what you do, some divine power will always favor you like hidden hands (As two real-time devta’s are associated with it which are the Sun and Moon), and when you will lose hope you will get something unexpected, So never compare your life with others as –


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