Secret of Maha Dasha in Astrology

Maha and Dasha both are Hindi words which means Major time Period (Maha = Major, Dasha = Time Period), which Means one planet going to rule your life for a long but for a specific time and will affect your life as per their karmic strength, As we know that planets signify our karma hence I used the word karmic strength instead of any other mathematical term of astrology, Here the first question which comes to my mind is that “Why the Dasha system in Vedic astrology has been introduced by ancient Sages”???

So the answer is, whenever you catch any astrologer or judging your own horoscope and see any good or bad promises in your horoscope, then the first question which comes into your mind is “Timing of manifestation as When that good or bad will appear in life”

Or your question could be anything like when I will get married when I will get a promotion, When I will be rich when I will get a car or house, and so many such other questions which starts from “ When” is hidden in Dasha system, if there is no Dasha system in astrology then you can’t track the timing of any good or bad events which is going to affect your life.

Introduction :

As per karma, each one faces good or bad time in their life, few becomes successful and few becomes flop because you and your life both are associated with time, if your time is favoring, you can kick the world but if your time is not favoring you, the entire world will start kicking your ass, so success or failure in life just signifies power of time.

And if I clarify the Dasha system karmically then you can say like, Dasha systems tell when your good or bad karma will affect you which are coming in the form of an event into your life, so timing any good or bad event without Dasha is almost impossible in astrology system.

Nothing comes before or after time, only we peoples are making mistakes to read events otherwise nothing wrong with astrology, everything is written in perfect manner however calculative part of astrology is so vast that everyone is not capable to handle those mathematics.

Another important point about the Dasha system is, you can’t change the time sequence of events even through remedies, as Dasha is purely based on the exact longitude of the moon which is fixed so changes in sequences of the Dasha system or event timing is not possible, so even by hook or by crook you can’t change time…!!!


Each coin has two aspects, so you can say like if life is a coin and your birth chart is one aspect of that coin then time (Dasha) is just another aspect of that coin, and that coin will work only when both the aspect is proper and equally playing their role.

People those believing on their own strength and caliber always ending up life creating their own written destiny, such peoples never waste their time to judging raja yoga, neither judging Dhan yoga nor focusing on any alluring dream promised by horoscope, they just have one specific target in life and they know very well how to achieve it, however, the world has varieties of people and everyone has their own mindset.

I have seen many miser people living middle or lower class life always seeking luck however throughout life they just feel blockage around them, I know you might be thinking this article is about Maha Dasha then why I am describing the meaning of “Time” again and again, so my dear friends each year you get something or you lose something, so actually “Your life is nothing but a journey with the time”, and that time is described as Dasha system in astrology….!!!

Maha Dasha Map

Sages have narrated many Dasha systems in Vedic astrology but the most trustable system is Vimshottari Dasha as peoples are using it worldwide and getting far better results than other Dasha systems, so we are going to discuss Vimshottari Dasha only, we will discuss the rest of other Dasha systems in separate articles.

Balance Dasha During Birth :

As I said above, Dasha is purely based on the exact longitude of the moon which is fixed however during birth only starting point is changing as per moon position, Sign occupied by the moon during birth known as your birth moon sign (Janam Rashi), Nakshatra occupied by the moon at the time of birth known as Birth Nakshatra, and on the basis of birth Nakshatra lord Dasha gets calculated, which is giving balance Dasha for each one, So basically there is no change in default Dasha sequence which starts from Ketu however due to moon position during birth in horoscope balance Dasha lord keeps changing.

Well, do you know meaning of Balance Dasha???

I mean to say there are nine planets in Vedic astrology and all nine planets have their own time period but why specific planet becoming your balance Dasha lord, or in other words, you can say why the journey of your life starting with a specific planet only?

Yes, it’s the biggest birth secret and mostly peoples ignoring it because each one just wants to see whether the upcoming Dasha is going to give them a result of raja yoga or not, whether will they get money or not…But I have seen most respected and senior astrologers always focus here first because balance Dasha is the first brick of Vimshottari Dasha system.

As per your birth details when you generate your birth chart so you also gets Dasha report along with it to track your life events, and in that report, you can also see balance Dasha of a specific planet –

balance dasha

So my question is still same, why have you born in balance Dasha of specific planet only???

Anyways as far as I know I am going to clarify that, as we know nobody gets full first Dasha at the time of birth and there is always something remain which is known as balance (But where that first half balance goes, why we are getting half part of that Dasha only which is known as balance Dasha), It is said that, In your previous birth you have utilized that Dasha and whatever remains coming as balance Dasha, so this theory gives another question is that “is it the same Dasha in which you died in your previous birth”???

Right now I can’t say 100 % accurately because I am still searching few more proof however still I can say my almost answer is “Yes”.

Because in any horoscope you always found balance Dasha lord associated with one of the Trikona house or with one of Trikona lord(As Trikona houses ruling your past, present, and future), even if you have born in the Dasha of Rahu and Ketu then too either they will be associated with Trikona houses or with one of Trikona lord (through placement, conjunction, or aspect), So whenever you are judging Maha Dasha so always check what that balance Dasha lord doing in the horoscope, check carefully what that planet bringing for you in the horoscope.

It will reveal many of your previous life birth secrets…!!!

Mathematics of MahaDasha :

As we know constellations (Nakshatra) are the main base of Dasha system, and first Nakshatra starting from zero Aries which is known as Ashwini ruled by Ketu, so that default sequence of the Maha Dasha starting from Ketu, refer below table –

Nakshtra Table

As we know there are nine planets and 27 constellations (Nakshatra) in Vedic astrology, and each planet rules 3 Nakshatra (9×3=27).

Refer table and planet section as Maha Dasha comes in the same sequence which is starting from Ketu and ending with mercury, now refer ruling time period of planets in same table mentioned in last column, and if you sum up all time ruled by nine planet then it would be 120 year.

So yes, in the Vimshottari Dasha system life of the person is considered 120 years, however, no one lives till 120 years at present time.

So all 27 constellation completing 360 circle [Set1+Set-2+Set-3 (120+120+120) = 360].

You might be thinking when no one crossing even the first set of 120 years then what is the use of set-2 and set – 3????

So the answer is, each one does not born in the same sequence which is starting from Ketu because it all depends on the placement of the moon in the birth chart (means Dasha sequence is fixed but a starting point for each one may change due to moon Nakshatra position), and during birth time moon could be in any Nakshatra out of 27 so your Maha Dasha starts with a respective set of Nakshatra and with its lord, it is same as a first zodiac sign is always fixed which is Aries, however, sequence (rising Lagna sign) can be changed as per birth details.

For example, if in your horoscope moon placed in Bharani Nakshatra so your balance Dasha lord would be Venus, if placed in Swati then balance Dasha lord would be Rahu and if placed in Dhanishta Nakshatra then your journey of life will start with balance Dasha of mars, like in this way you can calculate your balance Dasha lord however in modern time almost all software doing this work so you just need to check your horoscope report to refer Dasha.

If you are still not getting then feel free to write me or use Google to understand this mathematical part of the Dasha system as it’s available over the internet. 

Five Part Of Dasha System :

Ketu has Dasha of 7 years, after that Venus 20 years, after that Sun 6 year, after that moon 10 years, after that mars 7 years, after that Rahu 18 years, after that Jupiter 16 years, after that Saturn 19 years, and finally mercury 17 years, These are a major ruling time period of the planets.

However each Vimshottari Dasha period is further subdivided into nine sub-periods which are known as Antar Dasha (Also known as Bhukti), and Antar Dasha period is also further subdivided into nine more sub-periods known as Pratyantar Dasha, and Pratyantar Dasha is subdivided into Suksham Dasha, and Suksham Dasha has been divided into Pran Dasha Further, So overall you can say any event whether its small or big is depends on five Dasha periods which are –

Maha Dasha Ch

So when these five Dasha (Or you can say planets which are also known as Dasha lord and bhukti lords) meets under each other, they bring an event in one’s life.

However many astrologers using Maha Dasha, Antar Dasha and maximum Pratyantar Dasha but avoiding using Sukshma Dasha and Pran Dasha, but Why????

And to get this answer you have to understand the meaning of these five Dasha’s in the astrology system and again to understand the meaning of these five Dasha you have to understand first what the meaning of an event???

So, Marriage is an event, getting a job is an event, death is an event, winning any award is an event, getting a child is an event, meeting an accident is an event…. Getting a house or a car is an event, and other such small or big situations causing pain or joy in our life known as events.

So my first question is, for all the above said events one day is enough…then what is the use of the rest Dasha’s (Antar, Pratyantar, Suksham, Pran) under Maha Dasha???

Because Maha Dasha is a very long time but for marriage one day is enough, and even to die one day is enough, So how will you feel when astrologer says you are going to get marry in Venus Mahadasha, or you are going to die in the Mahadasha of Saturn, So Venus has Mahadasha of 20 years and Saturn has Mahadasha of 19 years, so do you think you need 20 year to get married or 19 year to die???

Note: To die or other such events required just a few mins sometimes, however, we are considering one day for each such event just like an approximate time.

So answer is “No”, Basically alone Maha Dasha can’t answer any question….!!!

To minimize this long Maha Dasha time period in astrology we are using the Antar Dasha system, So Venus Antar Dasha time is 3 years and 4 months (1217 days) and Saturn Antardasha is approx. 3 years and 2 months (1157 days), so finally 20 years of Venus and 19 years of Saturn time has minimized into approx. 3 yr. and a few months.

But still, we are not getting our proper answer because again 3 year is quite a long time, So Pratyantar Dasha comes into play here and it reduces that 3 year time into few months only and to reduce this few months into a specific time we are using suksham Dasha, but to get a specific time of events we need to use Pran Dasha….!!!

So basically using Antardasha, Pratyantar Dasha, Suksham Dasha, and Pran Dasha is nothing but a system of minimizing the longer time of Maha Dasha.

Like If one Maha Dasha has many years, then Antar Dasha reducing this time into few specific years, Pratyantar Dasha reducing this time again from few years to few months, And suksham Dasha is reducing this few months to a specific month, and finally using Pran Dasha you can get that exact near about time of any events.       

So finally you have to apply this deeper calculation from Maha Dasha to Suksham Dasha if you have to point out any event exactly – 

dates tyr

Role of Suksham & Pran Dasha :

Now another question that comes to mind, if we can locate near about time or specific dates of any event then why many astrologers (including me) are not using sukshma Dasha and Pran Dasha??

Note: I never used suksham Dasha (at least till 2016) and Pran Dasha so can’t tell the ruling time of both, however, if you want to know then use Google to search…!!

So answer is, even a difference of a few second in your birth time creates a huge difference in sukshma Dasha & Pran Dasha calculation (As Changing the dates), hence nonaccuracy of time is the main reason behind avoiding these lower Dasha’s and maximum astrologers avoiding sukshma & Pran Dasha due to the inaccuracy of birth time, dependency on software is another reason (all software having different dates even when using same methods of calculations), only highly expert person like Sir K.N. Rao using these sukshma & Pran Dasha because he is an expert in rectifying horoscopes till exact degree, however, we people are just like a newborn baby in astrology.

However without Sukham Dasha and Pran Dasha astrologers are still predicting “Near about time” successfully by using Mahadasha, AntarDasha, and Pratyantar Dasha only.  

So here in this article, we will discuss MahaDasha and AntarDasha.

Role of MahaDasha & AntarDasha :

Whenever any MahaDasha starts so first Antar Dasha of under any Mahadasha belongs to MahaDasha lord itself and the same happens for another bhukti’s also, later one by one rest eight planets comes in sequence to give their result under MahaDasha lord.

roles MD and AD

Do you know importance of Maha dasha lord???

Yes, Maha Dasha has prime importance in the Dasha system because one planet through Maha Dasha rules your life for a longer time period and affecting you according to their placement and position in your horoscope.

Apart from Mahadasha lord rest 8 planets also giving their result during their bhukti’s under Mahadasha lord but still, Mahadasha lord has its own importance and influence, basically, Maha Dasha lord is nothing but prime ruler for a specific time into your life.

You can understand the above concept in another way like we have several government officers and ministers who are ruling our country but still Narendra Modi is prime minister and known as the top ruler of India so the power and influence of Narendra Modi are quite strong than other ministers.

Like in the USA there are many other government officers and ministers but still, President Barack Obama is the top ruler, and no one can go against him till the time he is in power.

Note – Narendra Modi is the prime minister of India (as of 2016), and Barack Obama is the president of the United States (as of Apr 2016).

So same happens in astrology also, which Means till the time Mahadasha is running so Mahadasha lord is in power, or you can say Mahadasha lord is main in charge of your horoscope till the time Mahadasha is going on.


Like if you have one or two good yoga causing planet in your birth chart but if they are enemy of Mahadasha lord or not fulfilling the required criteria from the angle of Mahadasha lord, then the planet can’t deliver their auspicious result just because Mahadasha lord is not allowing them to deliver.

So can you think to get higher success in life in the above scenarios??


Mapping of Mahadasha :

Are you aware about Mapping of Mahadasha system in astrology???

Yes, Mapping has all answers to your questions related to “success in professional life”, Let me clarify it more –

Now suppose, the average lifespan of each person is approx. 80 Year, and we also know that the first 20 years of the life cycle are reserved for study only, however actual life starts after education life when a person gets a degree and moves from education life to professional life.

And the last 20 years also get reserved for old age so if we are cutting 20 years for childhood and 20 years for old age from 80-year life, then what remains is only mid 40 year….So who is ruling that 40 years of midlife??, because your professional success will purely depend on them…!

Note: Politics is only a field which is little exceptions as in politics mostly peoples get in power even after the age of 70-80 (Like Atal Bihari Bajpai) and as we know that out of billions only one become prime minister or president however for remain 99.9 % public midlife is very important, few also become business tycoon or rich in old age but again ratio is very less as it happens with only one or two from millions, hence here we will discuss mid 40 years of peoples.

From 21 years to 60 years (which is approx. 40 years) if you could not do anything significant in these mid 40 years of life, then you are just going to lose time, as year by year time will pass away and you will become a flop in life. 

So Mahadasha coming in midlife is always very prominent because this is the only time when either person becomes super flop or becoming a celebrity by just crossing all obstacles. 

And success and failure are just a game of planets because no matter how strong your horoscope is, if the Dasha system is not supporting the horoscope then getting higher success in professional life becomes questionable.

Note: Basically in each birth chart Mahadasha is always mapped since birth because it is delivering the result of both good or bad karma, however, to get big success in life, Dasha of a favorable planet should be mapped into midlife when a person jump into professional life from an educational life because that is the time when each one looking higher professional success.

I know now you might be thinking, how to check whether the Dasha system is supporting your horoscope or not???  

So I would like to say again this answer is hidden under the mapping system of Dasha, see basically, Lagna charts give you promises, divisional charts confirm the fulfillment of that promises and Dasha tells when the promises are going to fulfill…!!

But here the main question is, each one has own life pattern and few born in the lower or middle-class family remains lower or middle-class man throughout life and even till the death, And this is happening due to incorrect mapping of Dasha and missing transit on a specific point.

Note: Some time lower-class person remain lower class till last age, few lives very common and similar life (Like getting an education, then joining government job, then getting married, then kids and managing their life, later retirement and final death, so nothing big in life, however, few comes for a purpose in the earth like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, etc, few born in lower-class family achieve great height in life, so basically they have got a life pattern and each one has their own life pattern), so Judging life pattern in another concept which I am going to clarify in one of my upcoming articles.

Incorrect mapping means “Favorable Dasha should be in sequence as per the promises in a horoscope to give good life” however when promises are good in the horoscope but Dasha’s sequence starting from bad or negative planets, promises remain promises due to the negative nature of the planet.

Suppose in any horoscope yoga karaka is exalted and well placed and forming many Yoga’s which means yoga karaka planet is signifying many promises for a successful career in birth chart however Dasha of yoga karaka planet is either missing, Either coming very early in life or coming very late like in old age when it has no use, because if yoga karaka planet has to perform well, then its mandatory to get Mahadasha of yoga karaka planet in mid-age.

Note: Maha Dasha of yoga karaka planet or any other favorable planet coming in old age can also give you gains or success but what is the meaning of such success because if you spending entire life in poverty or misery???, actually such Dasha is known as compensation given by the destiny, so if you need a good life then focus on midlife is required.

See basically in each horoscope, each planet have their own capability in Vedic astrology, And all planet can’t be good and strong or same time all planet can’t be bad or weak in any horoscope, so few will be strong and positive always and few will be weak and negative.

So If your horoscope is promising few great yoga and that Dasha’s are coming at the right age, means if you getting two or three Maha Dasha of the positive and strong planet then without any doubt you will become a successful person, even one big positive Mahadasha of a supportive planet in midlife is enough capable to give you great career heights.

However, no matter how professionally successfully you are since childhood, just one bad Mahadasha is enough capable to give you jerks in life or can give a huge fall.

Then such promises of horoscope known as false promises because horoscope is promising many Yogas and success in life but the planets those causing that yoga is not coming with their Maha Dasha in midlife, and this is only a reason that maximum raja yoga does not work in modern time due to incorrect mapping of Dasha and missing transit, because if dasha is not coming so it would be like planets have got their job but they are not getting time to perform.   

So mapping of Maha Dasha according to promises available in your horoscope is very important and almost giving a clear indication about the successful, medium class, or flop life because the correct mapping of Dasha signifies the result of your good deeds are coming in the right manner and at the correct time in the form of life success…!!!

3 person lifitng

I hope now you understand the meaning of “Maha Dasha Mapping” in the astrology system, now I am giving you two examples of celebrities, like each one knows Sachin Tendulkar and Saif Ali Khan in India and even in abroad also people recognizing them as both are Indian celebrities, if you want to see their horoscopes then please refer my previous written articles where I have used their horoscope.

Now see – Sachin Tendulkar has Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu four debilitated planets in his horoscope, and Sun and mars exalted, Sachin Tendulkar wanted to become a cricketer, Sachin was born in 3 years, 1 month and 8 days balance Dasha of Venus (Which is sitting in 10th house with Sun and connected with Trikona lord Mars through aspect), after that sun Maha Dasha came in his life which is always very small Maha Dasha of six-year, after sun Dasha, next moon Maha Dasha came in his life when he became 9 years old when he started developing interest in the cricket world, when he 19 years old his exalted mars Maha Dasha (Mars is karaka for cricket) started where he got tremendous glory and worldwide recognition as mars in sitting in 7th house with Jupiter in exalted sign, After that Rahu Maha Dasha started and if you check in D-10 chart then Rahu is exalted and sitting with mars in 10th house of Dashmasa chart.

So actually if you see his life then his glory has started from mars Maha Dasha and meet an end in Rahu Maha Dasha which is going to end in 2017. Mars Dasha was excellent for his career when he got massive success and become Indian highest century hitter, however, Rahu Maha Dasha given glory as being exalted in 10 house of D-10 but debilitated in D-1 so also delivered many setbacks, so that was the power of favorable Dasha (Correct Dasha sequence) because can you think if instead of exalted mars if he was getting Maha Dasha of debilitated mercury or debilitated Ketu in that time so can he become such a great emperor of cricket world???

Answer is no….Never…!!!

Take another example of Saif Ali Khan, the Indian film star who has born in Nawab family, and wished to become a film star, Saif Ali Khan was born in the balance Dasha of Moon which is sitting in the 8th house of inheritance and getting an exalted aspect of mars from the second house, so by birth, he received a large inheritance as mars and Moon connection makes Laxmi yoga in Vedic astrology, After moon Dasha, he faced Maha Dasha of mars, and after mars, Mahadasha Rahu Dasha was started, as if you check his birth chart where Rahu placed in 9th house in Mool Trikona sign and getting aspected by two benefic Jupiter and mercury however in D-10 chart Rahu is exalted in 3rd house of media, and after Rahu next Dasha was Jupiter which is occupied own fiery ninth sign and sitting in 10th house of D-10 and sitting in 5th house in D-1 and getting exalted aspect of Saturn.

So basically he has Saturn, Mars, and Venus debilitated in his chart, and Dasha of debilitated planet is always questionable, but as right dasha mapped in right time as he got favorable Dasha of Rahu (Rahu is karaka of glamour), & Jupiter (which is sitting in 5th house of the film in D-1) and both are well placed in D-10 so they both have settled his life.

So which planets are ruling your midlife means Maha Dasha after the age of 20 and before age of 60, so these 40 years is very important in life, If Maha Dasha mapped properly (means favorable Dasha coming in time in life) and fulfilling the promises done by the birth chart, then “Yes” you can live a big or royal life. 

Karma And Their Role :

Karma are base of everything good or bad in life, so we can discuss on this topic as well here.

Do you know why people gets such a huge successful Dasha, or few only gets half profit, so what is the karmic reason behind that???

before disclosing this secret you have to understand the meaning of successful Dasha first along with few more little karmic concepts, so let’s discuss that first –

So if anyone gets huge money, fame, power, and status in any specific time period (In astrology this time known as Dasha), so we can say that it was a result of a favorable Dasha.

As we know our life is purely based on previous life karma and as I mentioned above that Dasha merely signifies a time of your karma manifestation (It could be good or bad depends on the horoscope).

So what brings fame, money, power & status in life??

So answer is – The karma which you do for yourself only, the reward of that karma will affect you only, and the karma which you do for others so rewards of such karma come as raja yoga in a horoscope which signifies worldly recognition and gaining respect and honor from others because your karma now affecting others life and you are gaining something through others…

Because if I ask what is the basic meaning of power and status, so the answer is also very simple when you get power or any status in society or in your work area so your decision will impact others life too, that is the only meaning of power and Status where you gets authority to influence others life because after gaining power you become decision-maker.

Basically, one MahaDasha delivering the good or bad results of many karma’s, that’s the main reason under one MahaDasha rest other planets also comes to deliver their results. So as I said the karma which you do for yourself only so the reward of that karma will affect your life only but this karma is not able to make you a celebrity. Like one person born in a middle-class family getting an education, joining a job, getting married, running his family throughout life, fulfilling all family responsibility and later dying (basically it’s a pattern and almost 60 % of the world population gets this pattern only), so when such souls get next birth so they become enough wealthy to fulfill their responsibility of present birth, but as he didn’t do anything for needy peoples and never helped others or in short you can say that your karma has never impacted others life so how can you expect to become super-rich or getting higher fame or high power and status in your life…and your birth chart along with Dasha mapping tells all these secrets… !!!

Because each horoscope has raja yoga, but each one does not become a celebrity or getting higher success in professional life, If you have never done any karma which is influencing others life positively then how can you expect to rule others life, You take an example of bill gates, Salman khan, or anyone who is helping others, so what are they doing??

They are just changing others life and helping needy peoples, so destiny is rewarding them also, in such cases Maha Dasha comes in right time and peoples takes advantage of time and making their life big and royal. 

Even the small help of others never goes waste, and destiny rewards surely.

One more thing, “Whom you are helping and when you are helping” also makes a huge difference, like if you helped 75 years an old man and donated money for his medical treatment and however after one year he died so overall your help benefited him just for a year, however, if you helped an uneducated kid who is not able to get an education and you paying his fees each year so overall you changed his entire life, so you will also get benefits according to it.

So Mahadasha is nothing but just a time signifying result of karma delivery if past life positive karma is huge so Mahadasha will also reward huge success if karma is average so Mahadasha will be average and if karma was bad so Maha Dasha gives pain and sorrow.

Note – In any articles whatever karmic lesson I tells it’s just applicable for all, means for male or female both, it does not matter if I am just writing “He” so female will not be affected, karma is same for both the genders.

Important Points For Judgment :

Before discussing that I would like to share few important points which everyone should remember before judging any mahadasha and antardasha –

1 – Each events has a time so you will get everything on prescribed time according to your horoscope, nothing comes before or after time…!!!

2 – Mahadasha of debilitated planet mostly signifies struggle if coming in childhood, it may give you few hardships to learn a lesson from the life (because there is no better teacher than life) and debilitation is just a single factor, so never afraid from bad times because it was just a bad time, not a bad life.

3 – Even Mahadasha of the most benefic planet Jupiter may give severe hardship, so never judge Maha Dasha on the basis of a single factor.

4 –If Maha Dasha lord and Antar Dasha lord both are debilitated (Especially if both are enemy and debilitated in multiple Varga) then be little alert as these signify little hardship.

5 – While judging Maha Dasha lord in Navamsha also check for Vargottam and Pushkar degree or Pushkar Bhag because it would be additional strength for Maha Dasha lord.

6 – Remember few pairs (Rahu+Ketu or Ketu+Rahu, Saturn+Venus or Venus+Saturn, Jupiter+Venus or Venus+Jupiter, Rahu+Saturn or Saturn+Rahu, Mercury+Rahu or Rahu+Mercury) whenever you are facing maha Dasha or Antar Dasha under each other of these planets, Be Careful (It’s not mean fatal always, but focus given here for careful judgement), as most of the fatal or rewarding events has been tracked during these pair (Or you can say something significant good or bad happening when these pairs operate).

7 – Never be frightened too much if you see Mahadasha of 6th, 8th, and 12th lord is coming because it’s just a single factor and there are a lot of parameters required to give the final answer.

8 – Even Dasha of a badly placed planet may produce some good result in few areas, No Dasha giving happiness throughout ruling time and same no Dasha giving pains throughout ruling time, because there are several bhukti’s of another planet which also delivering their result under Mahadasha lord and each planet have their own power to influence your life.

9 – First Bhukti (Subperiod) under any Mahadasha belong to Mahadasha lord itself, and Maha Dasha is a very long time (Like Saturn 19 years, Venus 20 years, Mercury 17 years, etc.) even if a person facing favorable Dasha so in most of the cases I have seen life does not change from the first day and sometimes half of the Maha Dasha passes away without giving anything significant, so just wanted to say don’t make your mood to get bad or good from any Mahadasha by the day one itself.

10 – Never expect everything from one mahadasha as there is no guarantee that Mahadasha lord will give you all what you are expecting from it, it will just give you only what it has decided to give you I mean it is just delivering result as per the promises in the horoscope.

11 – As lord of 2nd house and lord 7th house are known as Marak planet, however Dasha of Marak planet always does not give Marak effects, and apart from Marak effect they can also deliver something good or bad related to money, wealth and spouse or business as 2nd & 7th houses signifies many thing and dasha lord influencing everything which are coming under it.

12 – Dasha of the karaka planet during midlife is very important for the people those have specific aim, as it may trigger something prominent and desired success if well placed in D-1, D-9 & D-10, Like mars Mahadasha did for Sachin Tendulkar as mars is karaka for sports, So if anyone have specific aim then check if karaka dasha is coming during midlife. (Mercury is karaka for business, Venus is karaka for films and entertainment, Rahu is karaka for glamour, Sun is karaka for politics etc.).

13 – All nine bhukti’s (Antar Dasha) under any Maha Dasha can’t be good, so always apply all required parameters to judge which Antar Dasha is favorable under Maha Dasha from the angle of Maha Dasha lord.

14 – Yoga karaka planet always favorable in Maha Dasha but to get 100 percent from yoga karaka planet it’s required to be away from a malefic association in D-1, D-9 (which is possible rarely) because affliction reduces the power of yoga karaka hence its very imp that yoga karaka should be away from malefic and should be mapped in middle age otherwise in many cases I have seen even Dasha of yoga karaka planet is useless and not giving expected results….however in few cases even hopeless planet may give windfall success, so always judge carefully…!!!

15 – Exaltation and debilitation stage of a planet is very important in Maha Dasha system because in maximum cases Dasha of an exalted planet giving good result if placed in Kendra trikona however to get a good result from Dasha of debilitated planet (even placed in Kendra and trikona) several other good & supportive parameter required.

16 – Mahadasha of 10th lord or planet associated with 10th house of D-1 chart, if well placed in D-10 (Like occupied fire sign, sitting in 1st or 10th house of D-10) may promise great professional heights.

17 – Mahadasha of a key planet is very important (key planet means which control your entire horoscope), this is something different concept which I will discuss in a separate upcoming article.

18 – Retrograde planets are cruel but still Never underestimate the Dasha of the retrograde planet, yes this dialogue belongs to a movie of Shahrukh khan and he became a superstar in the Dasha of retrograde Jupiter only…that’s why I am using his dialogue… Even Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan has become a superstar in Mahadasha of a retrograde planet only, but it does not mean that each retrograde planet will do well in Maha Dasha but my purpose behind writing this point is to say retrograde planet always not bad as I have seen many astrologers consider retrograde planet negative and treating them very horror.

19 – Varsha Phal is a bit different concept than Mahadasha, as Maha Dasha is all about the major time period of a specific planet, however, Varsha phal means role and result of nine planets in a particular year, So don’t merge both the concept as Varsha phal has its own importance and getting used to see success or fall in a specific year given by the nine planets.

20 – During judgement of dasha also use transit because if dasha gives an event then transit activate that event… hence dasha and transit should be used together.

21 – Never forget that One day is enough to make or break your entire life… and this one day is hidden behind all five dasha means Maha dasha, Antar Dasha, Pratyantar Dasha, Sukshma Dasha & Pran Dasha, (means unless and until you are not calculating these all so you can’t track that event exactly).

22 – Final point is, No matter how good horoscope you have if time (Dasha) is not supporting you can’t rise anyhow, however, no matter how weak a horoscope you have, just one good favorable Dasha is enough to give you sufficient rise, even if you are facing worse since childhood and not getting way to move further in life however if Mahadasha mapping is a correct and favorable time coming in midlife, so it will give you a way to cross all obstacle. 


But it always depends on the caliber of your horoscope whether Dasha will give you windfall success or success which you deserve (Higher or lower)…!!!

I know everyone just wants to judge their upcoming Maha Dasha and Antardasha, and whatever I have written above was just a theoretical part of this article, Now I will tell you the easy method to Judging Dasha and Bhukti.

Judgment Rules for Mahadasha :

Now let’s discuss the parameters which are required to judge any Maha Dasha, because if you are expecting a good time in the future then you have to judge the below parameters –

  • Check Dasha lord’s behavior with Ascendant (whether it’s benefic for ascendant of malefic for the ascendant) if favorable to ascendant then it’s okay otherwise giving negativity.
  • Check houses rulership of the Maha Dasha planet along with their influence on other houses and planets (houses giving an indication of the main area of influence in the life).
  • If Maha Dasha lord is getting aspected by another planet or conjunct with another planet then check that planet’s behavior (Friend, enemy, neutral, etc) with Maha Dasha lord.
  • Check Maha Dasha Lord situation in Navamsha chart (D-9 Chart), Or you can say first you have to judge Maha Dasha lord position and power in D-1 and D-9 both the charts.
  • We have Shoda’s Varga system in our Vedic system and each divisional chart showing a specific area of life hence judging Mahadasha lord in concern divisional giving clues about its influence on a specific area of life.
  • The judgment of Chandra Kundli for mahadasha and Antar Dasha is equal imp as Lagna D-1.
  • Where ever Maha lord is sitting, just make that house as ascendant and adjust remain planets in respective houses accordingly, and we are doing it just to see planetary house position from the angle of Maha Dasha lord (this concept is known as Dasha Lagna).
  • Now check other planetary houses position from Maha Dasha lord, whether they are sitting in Kendra Trikona places from each other, or forming any shad-Ashtak dosh, Shad Ashtak dosh means if any planet placed in 6th & 8th from Maha Dasha lord (Shad means Six & Ashtak means eight) which means its forming Shad Ashtak relation with Maha Dasha lord, Shad Ashtak situation for any planet signifies struggle and hardship.
  • 2/12 position is also considered harmful so don’t ignore that too (Means if Antar Dasha lord placed in 12th house counted from Maha Dasha lord, means that planet is forming 2/12 position from Maha Dasha lord).
  • Check if Maha Dasha lord is forming any Raja yoga or Dhan yoga or any bad yoga because during the Maha Dasha you may experience these result too but must check the power of yoga before making any prediction (If it is Raja yoga then check how strong it is, and if its bad yoga check if any saving factor is available there which is reducing the malefic effect of bad yoga), one more thing is that any yoga which is repeating itself in D-9 & D-10, and if Maha Dasha lord also causing two or more good yoga, and Dasha lord well placed in D-1, D-9, D-10 then yes such Dasha may bring something booming result for you.
  • During Maha Dasha judgment, be specific with your requirement from Dasha lord, mostly males want career heights from Maha Dasha and female focusing on marriages, few looking for power and status and few looking fame or money, So always be specific with your requirement as it will help you to focus on concern planet bhukti’s.
  • If you are judging Maha Dasha with the specific aim as mentioned in above rule, then please use a concern divisional chart (With a few specific lagnas like pad and ghatika etc) to get a clearer picture, like if looking for marriage then please focus on the D-9 chart, if looking for professional success, must judge Dasha and Antar Dasha lord position in D-10, if looking for power and status please use Ghatika Lagna chart along with D-10, If need fame then must use Arudha along with, and use D-4 if a query is related to buying a home or car, etc., So overall you can say judging Maha Dasha and Antar Dasha lord through concern divisional chart along with few specific Lagna (like Ghatika & Arudha) can give you specific answer related to success.
  • Must use Dasha Varga concept, Almost every horoscope has raja yoga so most peoples judging Maha Dasha to see whether they are going to get the effect of any raja yoga or not, so applying Dasa Varga concept can tell you the level of raja yoga, Actually, sometimes its only Dasha Varga tells whether Maha Dasha lord bringing any raja yoga effect or just signifying fake promises in a horoscope.
  • Use Isht Phal & Kasht Phal Graph along with Shadbal to see Isht Phal and Kasht Phal Level of a planet (South Indian astrologer using it and never ignoring it), So using Isht phal and Kasht phal graph you can get that answer (however its always not accurate hence use carefully), however still I would say where ever I have seen Dasa Varga and Isht phal, Kasht phal concept working, there I am getting the finest result, So please don’t ignore, however, if you want to know how to get dasa Varga, Isht phal and Kasht phal chart so please use “Jagannath Hora” as its free software, you will get all details in that software.
  • When you apply Antar Dasha & Pratyatar Dasha With maha Dasha so check if they are friendly to each other and if placed Kendra Trikona to each other, it’s a good signal, however, is placed in bad houses or forming a bad axis (Shadashtak, 2/12, etc) then its harmful.
  • Now do evolution how many parameters your birth chart is fulfilling, if it fulfilling maximum then it’s good for you, sometimes it happens that your chart does not fulfill all required parameters or just fulfilling minimum, Final output depends on that actually.
  • Finally, apply transit (Never ignore transit as it has its own importance).

Role Of A Transit in Astrology :

Many astrologers avoiding transit during Maha Dasha judgment (I don’t know why) but it has its own importance because the day you come on the earth so in your horoscope, everything is fixed as per your karma which you will receive in a specific time (Dasha), So basically everything is fixed since the day of your birth and your Dasha mapping is been done accordingly.

Suppose if you have bought a fridge and to run that fridge you would require electricity, so getting any promises in a birth chart like a fridge and Maha Dasha is like electricity then transit is like a power switch, and everyone knows that fridge and electricity is useless if Switch is not on.

As I have written above, sometimes what happened, there are many promises (in the form of events) are available in the birth chart and Maha Dasha is also coming but not delivering the promised result and this is happening because transit is missing on concern point, Because as I said everything is fixed since the day you born when you reach on specific age of your life transit comes and activate the events, that’s why I said: “Your life is nothing but a journey with the time”.

MahaDasha Map

I know many peoples are looking at Raja yoga activation time on the internet, so whenever this activation word comes to mind so always remember it purely depends on Dasha and transit both, because if Dasha brings events in life then transit is just activating that, so transit is nothing but an activation switch as your karma become activate through transit which you gets delivered through Dasha, but remember Transit cant give you which Dasha is not promising and Dasha cant give you which your horoscope is not promising.

A Horoscope Example :

Till now we have discussed so many points, so let’s apply all points into a horoscope so that we can understand the applicability and logic behind all the parameters.

Case Studyy 1

Refer above horoscope, we are judging Jupiter Dasha of this person as he has recently finished Jupiter Dasha so let’s apply all the rules here, as Jupiter was the Maha Dasha lord which is ruling the 6th and 9th house for cancer ascendant so as being ninth lord Jupiter considered benefic for this ascendant, Jupiter is sitting in 2nd house in Magha Nakshatra in conjunction with 5th lord Mars and Rahu, both are also sitting in Magha Nakshatra but here Jupiter afflicted by Mars and Rahu, mars are on 00:34 degree and Jupiter is on 13:04 degree so they are bit far but Rahu is very close to Jupiter as sitting in 12:08, so forming very strong Guru Chandaal Yoga, refer his Maha Dasha table –

Mahadahs list

A person born under balance Dasha of mars (4 months 24 days) and Mars itself a Trikona lord and conjunct with 9th lord in 2nd house.

Jupiter is sitting 3rd from moon chart which signifies self-efforts, Actually, Rahu should act little favorable here as connected with two Trikona lord in wealth house, however, Rahu Dasha was started when he was just 4 months old and finished when he was 18 year and 4 months old however as Rahu (Karaka for foreign life) influencing family house so during Rahu Maha Dasha person shifted to abroad with the entire family, later his Jupiter Dasha started.

So till Venus Antar Dasha under Jupiter Maha Dasha nothing significant happened as he wanted to join film industry however did get desired success and started doing astrology, his main success came in Moon, Mars and Rahu sub-periods so let’s move ahead and apply rest of parameters, let’s apply next rule and judge maha Dasha lord in navamsa –

Case Studyy 1 D-9

In the Navamsa chart, Maha Dasha lord Jupiter is sitting in the 10th house with Rahu in an exalted sign. Now apply the concept of Dasha Lagna here and where ever Dasha lord’s sits make that house as ascendant and adjust rest planet accordingly, In the above case, Maha Dasha lord Jupiter is sitting in 2nd house in D-1, So set second house as ascendant and adjust rest planets accordingly, So from the angle of Maha Dasha lord chart will be like below –

Dasha Lagna

Now see how many planets are placed in Kendra Trikona from Maha Dasha lord Jupiter, as here Mars, Rahu, Venus, Mercury, and Ketu are placed Kendra position from Maha Dasha lord, Saturn is placed in 2nd house from Maha Dasha lord, Sun is in 3rd house and moon placed in 11th house, no planet is placed 6th, 8th and 12th house from the Maha Dasha lord.

See Dhan yoga here, Maha Dasha lord forming Dhan yoga as being 9th lord conjunct with another Trikona lord mars in 2nd house in the main birth chart, Jupiter is also involved in Guru Chandaal yoga (A repeated yoga).

Now we want to judge his professional success so let’s open D-10 chart also –

Case Studyy 1 D-10

Now see his D-10 chart and check if any yoga repeating itself in D-1, D-9, and D-10??
Yes, Mercury and Venus Conjunction and Guru Chandaal Yoga are available in all, however in all three charts Jupiter is quite powerful so Jupiter has full control of Rahu, and if you see the D-10 chart where Jupiter and Rahu occupied fiery sign Sagittarius in the seventh house of masses.

Also, use the Dasa Varga concept here and refer to his Dasa Varga chart below –

Dasa Varga Chart

If you see his dasa Varga chart, so actually Jupiter occupied highest five Vargas, means again Jupiter position is quite good here, Now use Isht Phal and Kasht Phal Table –

Ishta Phal & Kast Phal

Here Jupiter has Higher Isht phal points and Lower Kasht phal point which is again good, and Jupiter is strongest planet is shadbal also, now if you doing evaluation so you can see clearly that Jupiter is fulfilling maximum required parameters.

Now see the result of Jupiter Mahadasha on his life, As I said he wanted to join the film industry, however, didn’t get any desired success on starting Dasha of Jupiter, However, his life started changing since 2009 when moon Dasha was started under Jupiter Dasha and he joined astrology, and Mars and Rahu Antar Dasha gave him worldwide popularity along with money and Social Status in the field of astrology and person become great astrologer of modern time and involved in overseas teaching, earning great money.

All happened due to perfect Dasha mapping as favorable Dasha of Jupiter came at the right time in life and given settlement, His most of the success came in Antar Dasha of Moon, Mars, and Rahu, however, if you check D-1 and D-9 so all three planets are placed in Kendra and Trikona position from Jupiter (which is Maha Dasha lord), A Person who was struggling in career and didn’t get success in the film industry, suddenly got worldwide recognition with unexpected success in the field of astrology.  

However, if you thinking about why he got success with such a strong social status in Jupiter Dasha and especially in the field of astrology instead of the film industry, So refer to his birth chart where Ghatika Lagna falling in 9th house and getting aspected by mars, a ninth house where Ghatika Lagna falls is getting ruled by Maha Dasha lord Jupiter itself, again Ghatika Lagna associated with Navamsha Lagna and if we checking his D-10 (Profession) then Ghatika Lagna falling in 8th house (House of occult and astrology) of D-10 chart so power and status came in his life through the occult subjects, Overall his life story is quite clear.

I have also added few questions and answer to this article and sharing my tiny experience for the most commonly asked question, so just click over the question to read its answer –

Few Important FAQ’s :

Right now I have only a few questions, however, if you have any other question or doubt about this article, just drop me an email or use the comment section, if I found your question related to the article then I will add that into above FAQ section with an answer for sure, but don’t misuse comment section (asking for a reading, etc) as each comment is under moderation and will be published after review.

Conclusion :

Whenever you are tracking any major events or if any event which is visible in horoscope so always cross-check the same through other Dasha system apart from Vimshottari Dasha, because locating any event through Vimshottari Dasha is just like using one angle, however using other Dasha system to track same events can give you an exact confirmation as almost all expert astrologers using minimum three or more Dasha system to confirm one event, Hence apart from Vimshottari Dasha, you can use Ashtottari Dasha, Jaimini Dasha, yogini Dasha, Narayan Dasha (Mix of Grah and Rashi based Dasha), etc.

Using multiple Dasha systems is like checking one event through multiple angles, which is giving surety because the Vimshottari Dasha system is being used worldwide but still can’t answer everything with 100 % accuracy, otherwise sage Parashara had not introduced many other Dasha system in astrology if Vimshottari could answer all.

Time never says that I am going to make you flop, or never making any promising for higher success for anyone, however, anyone who is respecting time so time is also respecting them by fulfilling their desire and fully supporting them by open arms, So never ignore the power of time because time is a real “Almighty” and has enough power to make a beggar to the king and a king to a beggar. 

When the bad time came even great kings Pandava’s (Characters of Mahabharata) was working as a slave, King Harish Chandra became Chandaal (Chandaal means a person working in a funeral place).

Even take an example from modern time, richest Subrat Rai Sahara is in jail (Imprisoned), Asharam Baapu lost his all-empire, Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya (Who is famous as a king of good times) lost his life race by time and facing riches to rag and left India with remain wealth, that’s the power of time.

So the time has no friend, it’s just delivering rewards of your karma, No matter how worse life you are living if time starts favoring you so it will recover everything and when time starts acting negatively even kings become a slave.   

When time is powerful your biggest mistakes will be taken as jokes however when time is negative even jokes will be taken as fault…

In Astrology, “Time means Dasha”, So never afraid of good or bad Dasha because either it will give you pleasure or give you pain but will surely teach you something, basically time never comes in equal format as it has zig-zag nature or you can say it always signifies ups and downs and everyone knows that ups and downs are part of each life…so never afraid from such ups and down because –


If you have found this article helpful for you or If you have any feedback for this article then must use the feedback form given below of each article, it has been added for experts opinion as I am also a human neither a robot nor any god gifted mind, I can also make mistakes so if you want to discuss on any point, just feel free to use the comment section or send me feedback, if I am wrong I will consider your point and will correct myself, so must share your kind feedback (Does not matter good or bad but expecting an honest experience).

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