Verify D-9 and D-10 Lagna “A Manual Method”

This is my first article on the manual method as I wanted to write how to cast a manual birth chart (D-1) but could not understand how to show such a long calculation because so many pages in manual panchang which not at all possible to publish all pages because first of all they are so many and secondly each state having different panchang and also there is a various version of panchang available in the market, so I will find a solution for that in near future and will try to publish in the short form if possible.

Introduction :

After Lagna chart, Navamsa chart & Dasamsa chart are equally important and if you are expecting perfect prediction then they should be 100 % accurate, As we have entered into a computer era where we are totally dependent on the computerized calculation, and there are very few honest astrologers remain those still do manual horoscope calculation which is quite a time consuming and require accurate mathematical knowledge about astrology including basics.

To get a birth horoscope we would require three things are (which are pre-destined by your destiny itself, and no one can change these three) –

  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth

If you are having the above three things accurate then by using further astrological calculations you can caste your horoscope which tells about your past, present, and future.

Ancient rishis (Sages & Seers) had no computer or other additional calculation tool so they all were performing manual casting of horoscopes and till then nothing was wrong, however with the time from Treta to Dwapar and further Dwapar to Kaliyuga everything has changed as since human become computer-dependent, chances of making mistakes become equally higher and the computer gives calculation based on the database (which could be wrong in most of the cases) and making helpless mankind.

Drawback of Softwares :

Even if you are feeding correct birth details in software’s then too it’s not guarantee that you will get accurate birth chart and divisional chart, you can try yourself, just use same birth details and feed it into two three software then you can see Lagna degree in all software’s are different even you may find discrepancy in planet degrees also which becomes hurdle later hence must validate entire input information before generating horoscope.

One or two-degree difference is quite common in all software’s so I can’t rate any software as 100 % reliable, If lagna degree and karaka (Jaimini Karaka) does not change then it won’t make much difference in prediction and predicting life events are still possible, but If Lagna changes or degree of lagna are not correct (which may cause giving wrong divisional chart) will affect your life predictions in negative way as locating life events will be questionable.  

Always remember, there are billions of populations worldwide however planets are merely nine, houses are merely 12, So Overall these nine planets and 12 houses handling the life of entire human being however yet each one having different life as all human (no matter where ever you have born in the earth) having same nine planets and 12 houses in their birth chart.   

As I am not telling process of entire horoscope casting or specific planet placement with specific degree manually here (as its long task and require multiple articles), however giving you an easy method to rectify Lagna of your two very important Varga (divisional chart) which are Navamsa and Dasamsa, and I am telling this method because I know many of you yet struggling to get correct Navamsa or Dasamsa Lagna (as getting incorrect divisional charts by software’s).

Importance of Authentic Lagna :

So, it will help you to locate the correct Lagna (Accurate Lagna) of the two most IMP divisional charts. Even anyone can verify his or her Navamsa and Dasamsa Lagna using the table as Lagna tells flow or direction of life because specific sets of planet rule-specific houses which affects your life accordingly.

So divisional chart with authentic Lagna is very important in predictions.

Do you know the meaning of Lagna changes???

Or you can say like what happen if lagna is not correct??

So my answer is, Each Lagna (with a specific planetary position) having a different lifestyle, So either due to incorrect birth information or due to software error if Lagna is changing then it will change the whole direction of your life.


Same with divisional charts also, if Lagna for any divisional chart is not accurate then it will change the direction of the concerned area and predictions may be different or maybe wrong.

After Lagna chart (D-1), Navamsa (D-1) is a very important divisional chart if navamsa Lagna is not correct then it will affect future predictions for your life and will deliver wrong information.

Same with Dasamsa (D-10), If dasamsa Lagna is inaccurate then the direction of your professional area will be changed as each Lagna with specific planet placement in concern houses having its own plan and direction.

Overall your birth details are input and everyone knows no one gets correct output if the input is wrong.

Correct Method Of Data Input :

Please be careful while casting horoscope through software’s, and please validate all the information including correct “Time Zone” of country along with exact longitude and latitude of your birth place (Use google to get correct Longitude and latitude of your birth place along with time zone and try to feed it manual in software’s).

Input Information

As exact and correct information will give you a correct degree of lagan if the degree of your lagan is not correct then the Lagna of your divisional chart (including Navamsa and dasamsa) will be questionable (Incorrect degree of Lagna may give incorrect Lagna in the divisional chart).

Anyway’s even if you are sure about your birth chart and other divisional lagnas (Navamsa & Dasamsa) still you can use the given table to validate the authenticity of your divisional (Navamsa and Dasamsa) lagnas.

Uses of D-9 & D-10 Table :

Now I am telling you the process of how to use this table and then I will show you through one example horoscope so that you can understand it easily, So let’s refer –

Validation workflow

Please note down degree of your Lagna (D-1 chart or birth chart) and see what is rising sign in your ascendant then refer table and check the respective row & column against your rising sign of first house and lagna degree.

Below given table is very easy to use, you must sure about degree of your birth chart because if degree of your birth lagna is incorrect then this table can’t help you in anyway.

Navamsa Table

The same process you have to follow to validate your Dasamsa ascendant as please refer degree of your Lagna (D-1 chart or birth chart) and see what is rising sign in your ascendant then refer table and check the respective row & column against your rising sign of the first house and Lagna degree.

Dasamsa Table

Note: above tables have shown everywhere in the same way, however, it’s a bit confusing here, which I am clarifying, Like refer degree range in the above table for example as ending point and starting point in next row is same in both table like the first row is 0 degree to 3 degree and next row is again starting from 3 degrees to 6 degrees, So you have to refer next row when the degree is greater than 3 degrees (Like if Lagna degree is 0 to 3 in the first row then if the degree is greater than 3 then only jump into next row), and you can apply the same in D-9 and D-10 both the tables, hope its clear, if not use the comment section to shoot your doubt.

Now I am showing you how to do it by one horoscope, Refer below birth chart :

Akka birth chart

Now refer to this horoscope, Leo ascendant (as Leo sign rising in the Lagna), and Lagna degree is 08:49, so let’s refer to navamsa casting table and verify the navamsa Lagna.

Navamsa Table - Copy

Refer highlighted blocks in above table, refer ascendant Leo (column), and Lagan degree range (08:49) which is falling under 3rd row of 6.40- 10″, so when you all apply all you will get your navamsa lagna, Here in this case its Gemini so below is navamsa –

D-9 Navamsa

So this is how you can verify that your navamsa lagan is correct and later a person should move ahead for the prediction, because these days software’s are not so reliable.

The same process you have to follow to validate your Dasamsa Lagna, So let’s also verify Dasamsa Lagna also on the basis of the same given horoscope and Dasamsa Table :

Dasamsa Table - Copy

Refer highlighted blocks in above table, refer ascendant Leo (column), and Lagan degree range (08:49) which is falling under 3rd row of 6″ – 9″, so when you all apply all you will get your dasamsa lagna, Here in this case its Libra so below is dasamsa lagan.

D-10 Akka

However as far as planetary placements are concern so that also depends on accurate birth information as on the basis on your birth details you get planets on specific degree in birth chart (D-1 or Lagna chart) where they occupy specific sign under specific constellations with concerns pada’s which causes their placement in specific divisional charts.

You might be thinking suddenly why I have written such a verifying article, actually, you would require it in the events tracking article because if your ascendant (Specially Navamsa) is not correct then it will be wasteful for you, and you cant track your life events (as direction will be different if Lagna changes).

Below answering few very commonly asked questions which are related to this article and very helpful in using the above tables, So click on the question to get the answer :

Right now I have only a few questions, however, if you have any other question or doubt about this yoga, just drop me an email or use the comment section, if I found your question related to the article then I will add that into above FAQ section with an answer for sure, but don’t misuse comment section (asking for a reading, etc.) as each comment is under moderation and will be published after review.

Conclusion :

Astrology is purely mathematics and each one knows very basic formula of math’s as “if even one value is wrong in math’s than final answer will be wrong”… So, if you need right answer then your values should be equally correct.

Incorrect values giving wrong divisional charts which causes failed predictions later and peoples blame astrologers, “yes” because an astrologer is nothing but a good mathematician, And no matter how big master you are in astrology if values are wrong then your final answer will be incorrect.   

Even 99% people don’t validate their birth charts and try to get predictions –


If your answer is “Yes” then its good but If your answer is no then do it now.

I hope you understand my point and logic behind writing this article, because very soon I am going to write few Jaimini based article and if Navamsa is not correct then they all will have no use for you.

So if you found any discrepancy in your D-9 & D-10 Lagan please fix them, and If you have found this article helpful for you or If you have any feedback for this article then must share this article within your circles and use the feedback form to share feedback, it has been added for experts opinion as I am also a human neither a robot nor any god gifted mind, I can also make mistakes so if you want to discuss on any point, just feel free to use the comment section or send me feedback, if I am wrong I will consider your point and will correct myself, so must share your kind feedback (Does not matter good or bad but expecting an honest experience).

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